Monday, February 16, 2015

Anthony Mason : Upperhands Shout Out

" I got my hair cut correct like Anthony Mason"
- Mike D, Beastie Boys
from the track "B-Boys Makin With the Freak - Freak"

Recently former New York Knicks big man Anthony Mason suffered a severe
heart attack and is in critical condition. 
One of Anthony Mason's well known characteristics went beyond the basketball 
court, and ventured into the symbolic side of haircuts.
From the "NY" symbol to "Dogg Pound" to "MASE", 
Anthony Mason was the master of making a statement with the help from his local barber.
We wanted to take a moment and reminisce about the many styles of 
"cuts" Anthony Mason donned on the court
and also wish a speedy recover from this tragic moment in his life.

Skream Premieres New Single "Still Lemonade" and Announces 2015 Album for Crosstown Rebels

For all you dubstep purists who have been secretly hoping one the scene's originators, Skream, would be making a comeback to the sound in 2015...sorry, the dream is dead. Skream has continued to hone and craft his love for house music, which is evidenced by the first single from his forthcoming artist album on Damian Lazarus' label, Crosstown Rebels. While Skream was previously dipping his toes into the house music sounds of the Hot Creations crew, on "Still Lemonade," he returns to his original love for embracing "darker" sounds. While this tune doesn't scream "crossover anthem," it will resonate with fans who appreciate underground house music, which is precisely the point. 

Take a listen to Skream's "Still Lemonade": 

Special Thanks: Skream, Mixmag, Crosstown Rebels and underground house music lovers around the world

Sunday, February 1, 2015