Thursday, May 17, 2012

Really? #2 - De La Soul, Ego Trippin

I never thought I would see the day these fools would embarrass themselves amongst
the backpacking heads of hip hop. We as a community of backpackers need to ask one question:
What happened to y'all?
I don't know if it's the money, the mini light saber, the black 2012 phantom of the opera or the candy raver outfit, but this album has to suck.
What do you know, I listened to it and, yup, another hip hop group I looked up to has fallen off.
 I will still wear my "stakes is high" shirt with pride though.

Special thanks to: The miami heat are done... yeah... I'm calling it.

Rest In Peace - MCA from the Beastie Boys Painting

Painting byGlen E. Friedman
Glen Friedman is one of the forefathers of hip hop art. He was down with the Beastie Boys way back in 1984 when they were the random white rap group that showed up in that scene from krush groove the movie. Glen Friedman was big in the early hip hop scene of New York and still shows hip hip influenced art around the world. 
I caught this billboard on Venice Blvd the other day.
I wish Los Angeles had more came appearances by artists painting billboards than
those boring advertisements for Jim Rome is now on CBS.
Thanks for keeping it real. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Goldie - New FREE track

Click below to download a new FREE Goldie track. Guaranteed to take you back to '93.

Photos courtesy of Upperhands.

 Goldie @ Nocturnal Music Festival 2009

Goldie jumping in front of the crowd while the music is still playing 
@ Nocturnal Music Festival 2009

Special Thanks to: dark internet, misspelled sb420 compliance stickers, Simoneau's uncanny ability to find new amazing music, 5 acres in brentwood, pennygiles, fizzy beats record label, getting 2 more rounds closer to Kobe bryant versus lebron in the finals.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Special thanks to: Josh Hamilton's 4 HR's in one game, Lehman Brother's skilled ability to suck the life out of the world, Stan Van Gundy's last game as the Orlando Magic head coach, Amare Stoudemire and his fire extinguisher, Metalheadz, Beastie Boys' MCA - RIP, Check Your Head, free haircuts and chicken parmigiano.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Really?! What Happens When All Your Favorite Sports Teams Suck At The Exact Same Time

A Playoffs Edition Sports Rant By Duke DuRock:

If you're an avid sports aficionado like we are around here, you'll agree that there's nothing worse than when your favorite team sucks, except when when every single one of your favorites from each different type of major sport all suck simultaneously. That's exactly what's happened to me with the case of my Dallas Mavericks, the defending NBA Champions who are getting the hurt put on them by a much hungrier (not to mention considerably younger, deeper, better, you name it) Oklahoma City Thunder squad in the FIRST-ROUND of the playoffs!? Brutal. The only silver-lining of a swift exit is that it allows plenty of time for management to start the rebuilding process because this current squad isn't going to get any better. #NoOneIsSafeSansDirk

At the same time, my favorite baseball team, the San Francisco Giants have stumbled out of the gate and are still comprised of a completely non-threatening lineup that continues to waste the immense talents of the All-Star itching staff, plus there's been plenty of bad luck once again (losing All-Star closer Brian Wilson for the season and fellow All-Star 3B Pablo Sandoval for up to 6 weeks). This has been frustration at its finest. I still believe they can turn it around....but it's hard to recall rougher starts to a season than these past two years have been for the G-Men. #GroundHogDay

My saving grace is that when it comes to the NFL, I finally have the form of my childhood favorite San Francisco 49ers. After a decade of irrelevance, they are officially back. So I must remember that even during this bleak time from my favorite teams, I must remember that there is hope. For in Coach Harbaugh we now trust. #Super BowlBoundin2012

Special Thanks To: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook & OKC for the beatdown, the Miami Marlins for taking out a key player on my fav team AGAIN, Assembling The Avengers, Cinco De Migs, DJ Cam, Mad Blunted Jazz, LTJ Bukem, Points in Time Vol. 6