Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Essential Free Download: Snakehips "On and On (Alba Remix)"

Happy Halloween from the Upperhands crew! To celebrate, here's a tasty treat from the fine folks at XLR8R, who have put up a fresh two-step flavored remix from Alba of Snakehips' big summer tune, "On and On".

Get your Halloween Free Download right HERE

Special Thanks: Halloween Shenanigans, Snakehips, Alba, XLR8R, Etherwood and the 2013 World Champion Boston Red Sox

Monday, October 28, 2013

UPPERHANDS Hip Hop Video of the week : Joey Badass "Waves"

Joey Badass - "Waves"

Representing the Pro Era Crew out of Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY,
we present the Official Video for "Waves".

Special Thanks to : RIP Capital Steez (I'll be celebrating your life on December 24th this year...One Love)

UPPERHANDS "Bump This Jam Now" : DJ Rashad - Pass That Shit (feat Spinn & Taso)

This right here is the jam of the week.
Hyperdub producer extraordinaire 
DJ Rashad with the track,
"Pass That Shit" Ft. Spinn & Taso

Special thanks to : The entire Hyper Dub movement.

UPPERHANDS Drum and Bass Jam of the week : Goldie - Hyena 1

I recently watched "High Fidelity" for the 800th time and realized there is a wonderful 
Drum and Bass ditty by my man Goldie.
Although Duke will agree that the Goldie "Ring of Saturn" album was somewhat of a dud of
 a follow up to "Timeless", this track holds weight in my opinion
and also servers as a great background track for when John Cusack is going buckwild
over his Ex. 

Goldie - Hyena 1 

Special Thanks to : Rufige Krew.

UPPERHANDS Picks of the week : Tokyo Sightseeing (Soundtrack: DJ Krush/Kondo 'Toh-Sui')

Tokyo Sightseeing (Soundtrack: DJ Krush/Kondo 'Toh-Sui') 

Special Thanks to : DJ Krush for keeping it real on the beats since 1993 Mo Wax days!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Artist to Watch: Etherwood Preps Stunning Debut Drum and Bass Album for MedSchool Music

It's no secret that we love ourselves some proper drum & bass tunes...especially the chilled out liquid funk of genre heroes like LTJ Bukem and London Elektricity. The latter started Hospital Records and after that became one of the biggest labels in electronic music, Tony Coleman soon started the spinoff, MedSchool Music to focus on nurturing younger talent that stayed true to the label's original melodic sound.

Cut to Etherwood, who just might be their finest signing yet! The UK producer is currently putting the finishing touches on his self-titled debut album, which is due to hit all good download shops on November 4, 2013.

Take a listen to the sublime album sampler and watch his beautiful music "Begin By Letting Go" video below!

Special Thanks: Etherwood for making music like this, MedSchool Music for putting it out, London Elektricity for laying down the template and Disclosure debut set in Las Vegas

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Essential Weekend Download: Tom Middleton Unveils Sound of The Cosmos Record Label With Solid Steel Radio Show Mix

One of electronic dance music's finest producers and purveyors of sound, Tom Middleton has always has (thankfully) finally put together a proper label, Sound of The Cosmos, which is named after his now legendary compilation on Hooj Records. As the label prepares to put out their debut release this month, Middleton, along with Joe Muggs and Richie Rundle just dropped their recent Solid Steel Radio Show as a free download for us all to enjoy!

Special Thanks: Tom Middleton, Joe Muggs, Richie Rundle, Ninja Tune, Solid Steel Radio and NFL Sundays

Thursday, October 17, 2013

UPPERHANDS Artist Retrospective : Ketih Haring

In the first edition of UPPERHANDS Artist Retrospective,
we pay homage to one of the first graffiti heads and purveyors of street art as we know it:
Keith Haring.
When they write the history books about graffiti, Keith Haring is 
going to be featured within the first 5 pages... sheeeeit he may 
be in the introduction too. 
For fear of boring the hell out of you and delaying the show,
sit back, toke a joint, relax and expand your browser to full screen for these images 
you're not going to want to miss!


And now for the forgotten gems from Keith Haring's arsenal.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Essential Weekend Playlist: Free Download of Traveler's Excellent Nu-Disco Remix of Mark Morrison "Return of the Mack"

WhenI first heard this remix played on the last day of this year's Lightning in a Bottle Festival, I instantly loved it so much that I went over to the DJ and asked who did this dope cosmic disco remix of Mark Morrison's classic cut, "Return of the Mack?!" The response was "I did," and the producer then told me his name was Traveler and that he would eventually put it out. Now 3 months later, Traveler has done just that and made his "Return of the Mack" remix available as a free download over on his Soundcloud page. The booming 808 beats give way to a seriously funky nu-disco groove and guitar line that will have you feeling like summer is still here.

Listen and Download Mark Morrison "Return of the Mack (Traveler Remix)" Below:

Special Thanks: Traveler for dropping this at Lightning in a Bottle during an otherwise atrociously hot Monday morning packing up camp, Mark Morrison and crisp Autumn weekends

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sidney Crosby, Sick Ice Hockey Trick Shot ... For All 3 of you Hockey Fans Out There

For all of you hockey fans out there ( All three of you) 
you'll enjoy this one...
Even if you're not a fan of hockey, it's worth a watch to see how much of a sniper
Sidney Crosby is with a stick and a puck.

Special Thanks To : Canadian kids who grew up with a homemade ice hockey rink in their backyard.

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Mural on La Brea Avenue by KOBRA

Special thanks to : Romo fails, Grant Balfour "Raging", Albert Einstein and the Government shutdown.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Essential Free Download: Tensnake Drops Fresh House Music "On Repeat #1" Mix

After we raved about Tensnake's standout new single, "See Right Through," the house music producer has gone and served up a tasty new mix entitled, "On Repeat #1" for you to download! Featuring selections from Disclosure, Dusky and closing with "See Right Through" from Tensnake himself, this one is not to be missed if you like deep house music with ample amounts of melody interwoven throughout.

Listen and download Tensnake's "On Repeat #1" Mix on Soundcloud below:


01. Dürerstuben- Haeckls Kosmos [Pampa]
02. Ninetoes - Finder (Kraver's '84 Version) [Kling Klong]
03. Gero - Turn Around feat. Kullai Timi - Turn Around (Satin Jackets remix) [Jalapeno]
04. Beautiful Swimmers - Running Over [Future Times]
05. Terjei Nygard - Katapult [Full Pupp]
06. Tiger & Woods - Golden Bear [Editainment]
07. Behling & Simpson - String 01 [Exploited]
08. Addex - Public Progress (Marco Grandi remix) [Moonrise]
09. Kiwi - Mayfly feat. Amy Skippings (Urulu Dub) [Needwant]
10. Dusky - Careless [Aus]
11. Codec - Is It Something [Madtech]
12. Claude VonStroke - The Clapping Song [Dirtybird]
13. Disclosure - F For You (TEED remix) [Universal]
14. Tensnake feat. Fiora - See Right Through [Virgin EMI]

Special Thanks: Tensnake for continuing to deliver top-notch work, deep house music and breaking up the week with new music