Sunday, April 29, 2012

Really? #1

Really #1:
This is the inaugural "Really? Series"
Join me as I comment on the things that I just can't believe are true. 
But unfortunately are.

I always wonder what it will be like to be a parent. Soccer practice, mini vans, the birds and the bees talk and just by chance, bullies.
Personally, I do not want this dude showing up to my house with a fake light saber and 
a star of david around his neck bigger than Evan Shafran's, trying to 
tell my son or daughter how to defend themselves. 
 Thank you LAWEEKLY for making this a standard advertisement in your shitty free newspaper.

Special Thanks to: Jeremy Lin, Dwight Howard and Derek Rose out for the NBA playoffs this year... we will miss you.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Burka getting up in West LA.
Looking forward to seeing these painted faces more often in this city.
Keep up the good work.

Special Thanks to: Every single annoying mock NFL draft I've been hearing, smelly feet, stuffed eggplants, scarface og, Emily's beautiful face, Mike D's curated show at MOCA Geffen Downtown, the Beastie Boys, Peanut Buter Wolf labelling himself a "vj" the other night (playing music videos through turntables - F***ing revolutionary), dwight howard is a total beeyotch, ron artest is still violent, Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus, pete rock and c.l. smooth - the main ingredient, LTJ Bukem - Progression Sessions, Duke Du Rock always coming thru with new music for me (thanks man), the los angeles kings beating Ryan's Vancouver Canucks, bobby valentine's stupid face, and almost jinxing the new york rangers into elimination by wearing my Mark messier jersey saturday night... you better not lose game 7 in msg or you will be more embarrassing than the new york islanders.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tupac ... Osama ... Tupac ... Osama ...

In honor of the back to back weekends of "Holographic Tupac" performance at Coachella,
I present MC EVeryman in:
Hip Hop Visionary? or Devout Terrorist?



Love Me @ The Post Office.

This particular post office represents all that is annoying about the American public.
For all the situations each worker behind that bullet proofed glass must endure,
they should be given a medal. Customers of this government hell hole are 
easy to find, huffing and puffing around the noon rush hour and yet they
still somehow keep going completely 
unprepared as they step up to the window.
So if you're ever over at the P.O. on Beverly and the Grove Road,
take a look around and see some of your friends have dropped you a little note.

No Post Office, I don't.

Next level manipulation of advertisements.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game.

Okay, I get it... he didn't do that great of a job.
There are certain ways to go about protest and this is not one of them.
I really like the work that was originally posted on this surface,
just not feeling the completely coward graffiti artist who crossed him out.
At least make your own portrait art and put it up on top of Obama.
Only then would I respect you.

Special thanks to: Wind, Water, Fire, Earth.

Making it Rain

Here's something you rarely see for Southern California.

Special Thanks to: Bobby Petrino's cell phone, Greg William's attention to detail and Ozzie Guillen's love for dictators who opress and murder their people, Duke going to Coachella by himself, CycLAvia this Sunday, getting caught in a torrential downpour on a skateboard with no umbrella... and smiling the whole way home.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blockhead's Blog -

Blockhead @ The Eckoplex - Silver Lake, Los Angeles
Photo courtesy of Upperhands.

Ninja Tune and Def Jux producer extraordinaire, Blockhead has been one of my greatest inspirations of the past 5 years. Not only did he almost solely produce my favorite slept on
album of all time, Aesop Rock's "Labor Days", but his album "downtown science"
should be considered one of the best hip hop instrumental albums of the post millenium., plays host to the inner mind of Blockhead, his friendships with various other hip hop emcees and producers and free music!

Click here to read his entire train of thought behind his production on Aesop Rock's "Labor Days"

Click here to download all of Blockhead's beats that never got used "throw away files",
Nearly 15 volumes of music that for some reason didn't make it to the album.

Finally, please go support Blockhead by picking up his new album,
"interludes after midnight".

special thanks to: Photek - DJ Kicks, Fokuz Recordings, Blockhead, Aesop Rock, spring break, opening day for baseball tomorrow, full moons, Jeremy Lin and Amare Stoudemire out for pretty much the season - tisk tisk.