Friday, September 19, 2014

Free Download Friday: Gorgon City Remix New Jessie Ware Single and Drop BBC Essential Mix

After the massive success of Disclosure and Rudimental, it's exciting to see so many fresh electronic music live outfits coming out of the UK. The next wave of superstars is certainly going to include the duo, Gorgon City, and after you take a listen to these essential free downloads, you will hear exactly why they are set to be massive!

BBC Essential Mix free download:


Gorgon City - Intro 
Curses - Slow Lights
Gorgon City - Unmissable ft Zak Abel (DJ Anna Remix)
Artifact - Even (Huxley Remix)
Gorgon City - Real ft Yasmin (Acapella)
Jessie Ware - Tough Love (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Scandal - Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
Hot Since 82 - Shadows ft. Alex Mills
Gorgon City  - Unknown (Acapella)
Laszlo Dancehall - Plimton (George Fitzgerald Remix)
Gerd - Still Believe
Aaaron - Feeling This
Gorgon City - 6am (ft Tish Hyman)
Claude Vonstroke - Eye I Eye
Illyus & Barrientos - Ballin'
Route 94 - Cowboy
Audiojack - Traction
Kidnap Kid - Fall
Robosonic - Life is Like
Conqueror - Highest Order
Woz - Cherry Hill
Dubspeeka - Leaving Home
Benton - Airtight
Weiss - I Feel Better
Jesse Rose - Chuck English
Amine Edge & Dance - Halfway Crooks 
Gorgon City - U & I & Me & U
Roger Sanchez - My Roots (Technasia remix)
Jägerverb - Pomme
Gorgon City - Cycles
Dusky - 4T4
DJ Anna - Six Figures
Andre Bratten - Trommer Og Bass
Gorgon City - Fallen 
Radiohead - Talk Show Host (Jett rework)
Gorgon City - FTPA
Dillinja - Angels Fell
Capone - Tudor Rose

Jessie Ware - "Say You Love Me (Gorgon City Remix)" Free Download:

Gorgon City: Mixmag "In Session"

Special Thanks: Gorgon City for making real house music with soul, BBC 1, Mixmag, Jessie Ware, Devon Hester and Hans Bubby 

Kicks We Love: Nike Air Jordan 1 x A Tribe Called Quest

We have always always partial to a fresh pair of sneakers and Nike's long-tuning Air Jordan series, are always on point to deliver something fresh. While stumbling around the Internet, I came across these original Air Jordan 1 designs, but these ones have been patterned from the infamous A Tribe Called Quest album, "The Low End Theory". While these shoes are not new by any means, it was the first time I had come across them and my jaw dropped to the floor. I mean seriously, how fresh are these kicks??

They are also EXTREMELY LIMITED and very hard to find. So you better search on eBay or specialty shops online. I am going to do that right meow....

Special Thanks: Nike, Michael Jordan, A Tribe Called Quest and always staying fly

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let's Just Have A Fun Moment Here...

As an avid fan of the National Football League, the past two weeks have brought me more dismay with the game that I love than ever. From domestic violence to child abuse, the list of NFL stars who are committing crimes is growing daily and shows no sign of letting up.
In honor of these dark times in the NFL world, I felt a need to lighten the mood like only Upperhands can. To my friends out there, I present to you : 
NFL Quarterbacks ... If they were bald

 Johnny Manziel

 Robert Griffin III

 Drew Brees

 Ben Rothlisberger

 Eli Manning

 Nick Foles

 Phillip Rivers

Tony Romo

Special Thanks to : Evan Shafran and Photoshop.

J Dilla Boxset - Limited Edition Realistic Model of J Dilla's SP 1200 Sampler

Our human relationships with inanimate objects are surreal yet satisfying to the simplest parts of our mind.
My relationship with the eBay website has been one filled with turmoil, pure joy and loss.
Recently I was searching for records on eBay when I stumbled upon a dope remix record from De La Soul. The EP is entitled, "Mo Supa Sweet Stakes" and was essentially a combination of remixes from tracks on the De La Soul album, "Stakes is High". What is so ill about this record you might ask?
Ill cover featuring a painting of Maseo
Orange Vinyl.

I began to read the specs on the record when I realized that this record was more special than any other versions created before it. 
This record ... was from J Dilla's record collection. 
In an effort to raise money for J Dilla's "Ma Dukes" Foundation, a charity group that 
donates to local charities and causes and along with supporting J Dilla's family upon his passing,
Ma Dukes releases various records and articles from Dilla's collection. 
And this copy of "Mo Supa Sweet Stakes" was a part of the record collection of one of the 
greatest Hip Hop producers of all time. 
Take this as a lesson... Never hesitate on eBay. Never.
I hesitated for a day or so to see how the bidding would go, and someone snagged
it up for in hindsight, a very reasonable price. 
Truth is, I got schooled on the auction for this record.
But I am telling you this for a reason my friends...
Don't sleep on this one.

Just released exclusively by Stones Throw records, 
comes a J Dilla release that trumps a record from his collection in my opinion. 
Upperhands Presents :
The J Dilla Box Set

 Much like Dilla's beats The J Dilla boxset is a sign of craftsmanship and dedication. 
Made from custom wood and steel hinges, this boxset most likely has the feeling 
as if it is a real SP 1200 sampler you stole from J Dilla's studio. 

Promo Video for the J Dilla Boxset

Whether you want to put it in a box and never open for sheer fear that it will be as 
powerful as the briefcase from Pulp Fiction, or you want a piece of history to adorn 
the mantle in your living room, this box set is for you.
Chock full of Stones Throw and Ma Dukes treats, this box set
takes you back in time visually and auditory. 

Featured inside the Boxset are 4 Vinyl Records, One J Dilla Life History Booklet, One Cassette Tape and One 3 1/2 inch Floppy Disk for actual playback through a real SP 1200 sampler.
 All media included in this Boxset are previously unreleased beats!!!

Back View

The Spread 

If you are as nerdy for Hip Hop as I am and also want to help a great cause,
Click Here 
To purchase the J Dilla Boxset and unleash the power of Hip Hop at it's finest. 

RIP J Dilla

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Submerse : Genre Blender

Have you ever searched for something, couldn't find it, but were delighted to find something completely different in the process of your search? 
Enter ... Submerse.

A hybrid producer of Instrumental Hip Hop style Hyperdub infused beats and hailing from England,
Submerse is quite the new guy on campus in this new and uncharted genre of
beat making. Achieving a production feat of being able to cross genre between Hip Hop and electronic seamlessly, Submerse's beat temp and style lend themselves to always 
keeping your head nodding and your mind open. 

It has dawned on me lately that Cassette Tapes are making a comeback.
Artists and labels are working together to bring back the days when we rocked out 
a Walkman or a Boombox. What we can look forward to in the future are
a plethora of releases on Cassette form, breaking new ground in 
album design in a medium we thought was dead. 

Featured in this post is are beats ranging from Singles, Mixes and Mini Mixes 
of work from Submerse.

If you like what you hear, you can 
To listen and purchase Submerse's first full length album
Submerse - "Slow Waves"

Download and listen to the following collection of all 
that we know about the man they call ...Submerse.

Madlib - The Beats - Exclusive Stones Throw Release

In honor of the release of Stones Throw's Feature Documentary "Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton", 
Stones Throw is giving the goods to the Hip Hop community with this 
special Madlib produced Soundtrack serving as the score to the documentary. 

Here are some of the details you need to know about the release :
The vinyl release is Madlib's first ever 10 inch release
Each record comes with a removable sleeve and dual sided cover art
There are 3 different vinyl versions and one Cassette version 
10 Track instrumental album.

To see our post about the Stones Throw : Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton Documentary 

To purchase the MP3, Vinyl or Cassette version of 
Madlib - The Beats

Cassette Version

Special Thanks to : Epic InkTattoos of Springfield - Stones Throw, Oregon, Bill Maher, Ketih Olbermann, Skate Or Die Mentality, People who wait outside Apple Stores waiting for the new iPhone to come out, Roger Goodell, Listening to phone calls on speaker phone, Bambu, G - Shock watches, Voyages in Mexico, Sunsets and Lebron James' receding hairline. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Music Tuesdays: Free Download of Bonobo's New DJ Mix for THUMP

We've got something special to share with you today for this edition of "New Music Tuesdays"! Simon Green, AKA Bonobo, has put together an exclusive new DJ mix for THUMP and it is packed with all kinds of musical surprises. Right off the bat, Bonobo hits you with some "thumping" house beats and the journey begins. This is the perfect way to soak up those last rays of summer and usher in the crisp autumn air.

Listen and download Bonobo's THUMP DJ Mix on SoundCloud:

Special Thanks: Bonobo and THUMP for the fresh mix, the 2014 NFL season starting and warm blueberry muffins