Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Motor City Drum Ensemble: The Hidden Beats That Will Change Your Life. Part 1

The Hidden Beats That Will Change Your Life.
 Rarely do I tell my close friends that before I play them a song for the first time,
I preface by saying, "It will change your life".
To clarify that statement; YOU determine the rate of change 
and for how long it will change your life. 
It is not a blanket statement that covers your whole life... but sometimes songs can do that.

Motor City Drum Ensemble is one of the most elusive House Producer and DJ in the world.
Hailing from Eastern Europe, Motor City Drum Enxemble is a young, up and coming producer genius, who's music has changed my life many times over. 
He is one of the truest Deep House producers who 
pays tribute to the original roots of Detroit House by bearing it's name (Motor City)
 and with his beat style. Combining the up-beat 70's and 80's disco style along with a popping blend of Chicago and Deep House beat, Motor City Drum Ensemble will almost always get your butt moving whether you're sitting down or just getting up to get down.

We here at Upperhands have been mildly obsessed with Motor City Drum Ensemble since his 
"Raw Cuts Volumes" came out in 2010 
and you can not find fault with his "DJ Kicks: Motor City Drum Ensemble" 
mix which was released in 2011, and we feel you should 
become mildly obsessed too by checking out all that Motor City Drum Ensemble has to offer.

This post is being put together to celebrate the new wave of production and remixes from 
Motor City Drum Ensemble. All tracks below were released in 2012 and 2013.
All tracks can be purchased on either Beatport, iTunes or Amazon.

Gameday Bucket Go Boom.
Enjoy mi amigos.


Special Thanks to:  "Sonning" Ryan Simoneau with this blog post by blowing his mind he had no idea most of these tracks have been released, Real Time With Bill Maher is back on the air, The Office's last season, puppies, Vice Magazine and Frank 151 magazine, York Peppermint Patties, Frozen yogurt, helping children discover artistic talents they never knew they had.

Motor City Drum Ensemble: The Hidden Beats That Will Change Your Life. Part 2

The Hidden Beats That Will Change Your Life.

This post is being put together to celebrate the new wave of production and remixes from 
Motor City Drum Ensemble. All tracks below were released in 2012 and 2013.
All tracks can be purchased on either Beatport, iTunes or Amazon.

Gameday Bucket Go Boom.
Enjoy mi amigos.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Upperhands House Pick of the Month: Homework, "I'm Into This" (Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Rmx)

Upperhands Deep House Pick of the Month:

Homework, "I'm Into This"
Andre Crom and Martin Dawson Remix

Special Thanks to: Deep House.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coming Soon: Legendary Drum and Bass Producer Goldie Compiles Best Work Spanning 1992-2012 On "The Alchemist"

One of Upperhands all-time favorite drum & bass producers, Goldie, is releasing his first retrospective album in March and it's absolutely massive. The 3 disc opus is entitled "The Alchemist: The Best of 1992-2012" and while the producer has admittedly only one legendary album, "Timeless," under his belt, he does have quite a few phenomenal hard-to-find singles that have lovingly been compiled here. We're pretty stoked for this one...check out the artwork and tracklist below:

Goldie "The Alchemist: The Best of 1992-2012" Tracklisting:







Special Thanks: Goldie, Metalheadz, UK drum & bass legends, The "Timeless" album still sounding so fresh, Carlton, Smith & Mighty, RIP Celtics 2012 season and an NFL Pro Bowl that nobody cares about.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Upperhands - Freedom.

Collage with paper and double sided tape
3ft x 4 1/2 ft

Special Thanks to: India Pale Ales.

Essential Weekend Listening: Crazy P Offer Up Super Funky Remix of "Twisted" As Free Download

A lot of times remix albums from artists are complete cash-ins that usually come in-between albums. But UK nu-disco/funk band Crazy P have bucked the trend by bringing in some fresh talent to rework tracks from their last two albums. To celebrate the release of the new "Remixed" album, the band has made the funked-out Joe's Bakery Band remix of "Changes" available as a free download via their label 2020 Vision Recordings' SoundCloud page.

Special Thanks: Crazy P for always bringing the funk, Kaepernicking, The Weeknd, Sick Dave Owen Vs Mr. Joseph mixes from Upperhands, Bonobo and Gyko get downs.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

KICKS #6 - Retrospective: Lebron James by NIKE

This edition of KICKS is brought to you by:
"The King" Lebron James
The following is a retrospective of some of the hottest shoes
Nike has ever created. 
Retail Price: Too much.

Lebron 10 "Prism"
Just released this past month

Lebron 9 "Miami Vice : South Beach"

Detail of Lebron 8

Lebron 9 "Cannon"

LeBron James 10 Champagne Sneakers

Lebron 10 "MVP Edition"

Lebron 9 "Low"


Lebron 10 ... "Charlotte Hornets"? 


Special Thanks to: Growing up idolizing Michael Jordan, Feeling like my dog died when Jordan retired for the last time, Not wanting Kobe Bryant to be the successor to my idolized Jordan, not knowing who I wanted to consider my favorite player in the game, Just by chance catching the 2006 NBA Eastern Conference Finals when Lebron James unleashed his fury on the Detroit Pistons, by scoring 30 un-answered points in the fourth quarter to win the game, not only solidifying the fact that Lebron is the real deal, the "heir apparent" to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, but ruining the Detroit Pistons franchise for the next ten years, knowing that Lebron James is going to be in the conversation of the NBA Finals for the next 10 years, the fact that Lebron James is a hybrid of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

O.G. New York Graffiti Artist SEEN Tags the Hollywood Sign

Yes my friends, that is graffiti on one of America's lamest tourist attractions next to 
Las Vegas.
In the mid 1980s, Bronx, New York graffiti artist SEEN traveled across the country to 
tag a very easy target, the Hollywood Sign.
At the time, the Hollywood Sign was not as heavily guarded as it is now,
but we'll get to that later, let's try and understand how SEEN had this much time 
to rip a historic end to end burner.
No cameras. Probably no lights. No Government protection of state land.
No helicopters with heat seaking monitors, and no constantly streaming security.
You can not get within 200 feet of it now.
I feel as if this piece goes somewhat unnoticed in the big picture of graffiti history.
Not only because of where it was done, but it's size.
I have no idea how that is humanly possible to bring that much spray paint up 
there and complete a piece of this magnitude.

But more recently the Hollywood Sign has seen some graffiti action.
A few years ago, during the height of popularity for filmmaker, artist and documentarian,
Mr. Brainwash, a little excursion with the artists Space Invader, proved 
to be a treacherous and not so smart idea.
In this video, you will witness supreme "balls".
I don't care how much you think you are the shit and 
no one could hold weight on you...
but I know you don't have balls to do this.


Special thanks to: Anyone out there who has ever in their life, anywhere done anything that remotely resembles graffiti.

Newly Discovered J Dilla Record Collection FOR SALE!

J Dilla's Record Collection / Studio

 Remember that J Dilla record collection that was discovered by Jeff Bubeck back in April? Well, Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey was able to buy the records back from Mr. Bubeck and now she's selling portions of her son's collection to any Dilla disciple eager to shell out some money.

J Dilla putting in work. 

Each LP purchase will come with a signed and numbered certificate from Ma Dukes with the plan to create an online registry for fans to list their Dilla Collection LP. Keep in mind how incredible an opportunity this is since these records were personally plucked from a crate by James Dewitt Yancey himself. All proceeds from the sale of these records will go to benefit the J Dilla Foundation
 Here is the link to purchase records from J Dilla's collection:
Unfortunately you will also discover as I did, that all the records in this batch have been sold.
Stay tuned on February 4th when more of the records are out up for sale.

Here's a screen shot of the actual Ebay page:

Special Thanks to: Every track J Dilla has produced... Enjoy, it's a long one.... That's what he said
Production Credits: 1996
5-Elementz - Whutchawant, Feed Back, Rockshows, Party Groove, Janet Jacme, E.G.O., Don't Stop, Searchin from The, Album Time Forgot cassette (1996) That Was Entertainment
A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again, Get A Hold, Keeping It Moving, Stressed Out, Word Play from Beat, Rhymes, & Life, Album (1996) Jive Records
AZ - When The Cheering Stops from NFL Jams (1996) Castle
Busta Rhymes - Keep It Movin', Still Shinin' from The Coming, Album (1996) Elektra
Busta Rhymes - Woo-Hah!! (Jay-Dee Bounce Remix), Woo-Hah!! (Jay-Dee Other Shit Remix), 12-inch (1996) Elektra
Busta Rhymes - It's a Party (Ummah Remix), Ill Vibe (Ummah Remix), 12-inch single (1996) Elektra
De La Soul - Stakes Is High from Stakes Is High, Album (1996) Tommy Boy
De La Soul - Stakes Is High (Remix) from Itzsoweezee , 12-inch single (1996) Tommy Boy
Mad Skillz - It's Going Down, The Jam from From Where??? (1996) Big Beat
Kieth Murray - The Rhyme (Remix), Dangerous Ground from Enigma (1996) Jive
Natives Of Da Underground - Pack Da Hous/Brotha's Juss Don't Know/Whatcha Gonna Do?, 12-inch single (1996) ALR
Phife Dawg - Game Day from NFL Jams (1996) Castle
Proof - Da Science from Detroit Hip Hop Volume 1 (1996) Modern Tribe
Proof - Vibe Session from Anywhere, 12-inch single (1996) Hip Hop Shop
Tha Pharcyde - Runnin', Bullshit, Splatittorium, Somethin' That Means Somethin', Drop, Y? from Labcabincalifornia, Album (1996) Delicious Vinyl
Production Credits: 1997
5-Elementz - Sun Flower from Yester Years, cassette EP (1997) That Was Entertainment
A Tribe Called Quest - Get A Hold, Mardi Gras At Midnight from Jam, EP (1997) Jive Records
Brand New Heavies - Sometimes (Ummah Remix) from Sometimes , 12-inch single (1997) Delicious Vinyl
Busta Rhymes - So Hardcore from When Disaster Strikes, Album (1997) Elektra
Mint Condition - Let Me Be The One (Ummah Remix), 12-inch single (1997) Perspective
Crustation - Purple (ATCQ Edit), 12-inch single (1997) Zomba
Janet Jackson - Got Til It's Gone (Ummah Jay Dee Revenge Mix), 12-inch single (1997) Virgin
Something for the People - All I Do (Jay Dee's Sh**! Mix) feat. Phife Dawg 12-inch single Warner Bros
T Da Pimp - Why You Lookin Hard?/We Know We Rockit, 12-inch single (1997) Penmp
Tha Pharcyde - She Said (Remix), 12-inch single (1997) Delicious Vinyl
Tha Pharcyde - Runnin (Remix), Y? (Remix) from Drop, 12-inch single (1997) Delicious Vinyl
Truz - True Dawgs/Routes To Hell, 12-inch single (1997) Ad Fam

Production Credits: 1998
A Tribe Called Quest - 4 Moms, Against The World, Busta's Lament, Da Booty, Find A Way, His Name Is Mutty Ranks, Start It Up, Steppin' It Up from The Love Movement, Album (1998) Jive Records
A Tribe Called Quest - That Shit from Funkmaster Flex Vol. 3, Album (1998) Loud Records
Bizarre - Butterfly from Attack of the Wierdos, EP (1998) Federation
Mood - Secrets Of The Sand (Remix) from Snake Backs , 12-inch single (1998) Blunt
N'Dea Davenport - Bullshittin (Remix) from N'Dea Davenport, Album (1998) V2

Production Credits: 1999
5 Ela - You Ain't Fresh, Ain't No Love from 5-E Pt. 3 (1999) That Was Entertainment
Brand New Heavies - Saturday Night (Jay Dee Remix) from Saturday Night, 12-inch single (1999) Delicious Vinyl
Heavy D - Listen from Heavy, Album (1999) Universal
Macy Gray - I Try (Remix), 12-inch single (1999) Epic
Nine Yards - Always Find A Way (Remix) 12-inch single (1999) Virgin
Phat Kat - Dedication To The Suckers 12-inch single (1999) House Shoes Recordings
Phife Dawg -
Bend Ova/Thought U Wuz Nic, 12-inch single (1999) Groove Attack
Que D - Underestimated, Supa Shit, Kilo, Cash Flow, Michelle, Rock Box, Don't Stop from Quite Delicious cassette (1999) and Que D Limited Edition, Album (2003) Royal Flyness
Q-Tip - 11 tracks from Amplified, Album (1999) Arista
- 11 tracks from Amplified (Instrumental Version) (1999) Arista - Promo
The Roots - Dynamite from Things Fall Apart, Album (1999) MCA
The Roots - New Year's @ Jay Dee's from You Got Me CD single (1999) MCA
Zooco - Butterfly from Glow-Mellow-Flow, Album (1999) Columbia Japan

Production Credits: 2000
Black Star - Little Brother from The Hurricane (Soundtrack), Album (2000) MCA
Brand New Heavies - Sometimes (Remix), Saturday Night (Remix) from Trunk Funk Classics, Album (2000) Delicious Vinyl
Busta Rhymes - Enjoy Da Ride, Live It Up, Show Me What You Got from Anarchy, Album (2000) Elektra
Common - 10 tracks from Like Water For Chocolate, Album (2000) MCA
- 10 tracks from Like Water For Chocolate Instrumentals (2000) MCA
Common - The Light, 12-inch single (2000) MCA–UK
Common - The Light (Remix) from Bamboozled Soundtrack, Album (2000) Motown
De La Soul - Thru Ya City from Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump, Album (2000) Tommy Boy
Erykah Badu - Cleva, My Life, Didn't Cha Know, Kiss Me On My Neck from Mama's Gun, Album (2000) Motown
Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know, single (2001) Motown
Erykah Badu -
Cleva, 12-inch single (2001) Motown–PROMO
Frank N Dank - Me & My Man, 12-inch single (2000) McNasty
Frank N Dank - Everybody Get Up, 12-inch single (2000) McNasty
Guru - Certified from Guru's Jazzmatazz Street Soul, Album (2000) Virgin
Innerzone Orchestra - People Make The World Go Round (J-88 Mix), 12-inch single (2000) Planet E
Phife Dawg - Bend Ova, 4 Horseman from Ventilation: Da LP, Album (2000) Groove Attack
Phife Dawg - Ya Heard Me from Definition of Ill, Album (2000)
Royce Da 5'9 - Let's Grow from Lyricist Lounge Volume 2, Album (2000) Rawkus
Spacek - Eve (Remix), 12-inch single (2000) Blue

Production Credits: 2001
Bahamadia - One-4-Teen (Remix) from Summer Sampler, Album (2001) Goodvibe
Bilal - Reminisce from 1st Born Second, Album (2001) Interscope
Busta Rhymes - Genesis, Make It Hurt from Genesis, Album (2001) Elektra
Chino XL - Don't Say A Word from I Told You So, Album (2001) Metro Records
De La Soul - Peer Pressure Intro & Outro Monologues by Jay Dee from AOI: Bionix, Album (2001) Tommy Boy
Lucy Pearl - Without You (Remix), 12-inch single (2001) Pookie/Virgin
Mos Def - Can U C The Pride In The Panther? (Remix), 12-inch single (2001) Interscope
Que D - In Yo Face from Still Bangin, single (2001) Up Above and Que D Limited Edition, Album (2003) Royal Flyness
Toshi Kubota - Nothin But Your Love (Remix), 12-inch single (2001) Epic

Production Credits: 2002
Big Tone - Party Crasher (mixed by Jay Dee) from Party Crasher, 12-inch single (2002) Antidote
Busta Rhymes - 3 tracks from It Ain't Safe No More..., Album (2002) Elektra
Common - various production & instrumental credits from Electric Circus, Album (2002) MCA
DJ Jazzy Jeff - Are You Ready with Slum Village from The Magnificent, EP (2002) BBE
Frank N Dank - Push, EP (2002) Mummy / Groove Attack
Phat Kat - Dedication To The Suckers, Don't Nobody Care About Us, Microphone Master, Big Booties, World Premier from Dedication To The Suckers, Album (2002) RonnieCash.com
Slum Village - Hoes, Let's, One from Trinity, Album (2002) Capitol
Talib Kweli - Where Do We Go, Stand To The Side from Quality, Album (2002) Rawkus

Production Credits: 2003
ASD (Afrob & Samy Deluxe) - Komm Schon from Wer Hatte Das Gedacht?, Album (2003) Eimsbush
ASD (Afrob & Samy Deluxe) -
Wenn Ihr Fuhlt... from Hey Du, EP (2003) Eimsbush
Common -
Come Close Remix (Closer) 12-inch single (2003) MCA
De La Soul - Much More/Shoomp, 12-inch single (2003) AOI
Fourtet - As Serious As Your Life (Remix), 12-inch single (2003) Domino
Frank N Dank - 48 Hours, Album (2003) Bootleg
Frank N Dank - Ma Dukes, 12-inch single (2003) ABB
Vivian Green - Fanatic (Remix), 12-inch single (2003) Sony
Phat Kat - 3 tracks from The Undeniable LP: Detroit Edition, Album (2003) Barak
Phat Kat - Dedication/Destiny, 12-inch single (2003) Barak
Que D - Supa Shit, 12-inch single (2003) Royal Flyness
Royce Da 5'9 - Life Goes On from Build & Destroy: Lost Sessions Part 1, Album (2003) Trouble Records
Subtitle - Mark Luv Mixtape Song from Greatest Hit$, Album (2003) Marks03 Recordings
T-Love - 4 tracks from The Long Way Back, Album (2003) Pickininny

Production Credits: 2004
5 Ela - Scenario (2004) from The, EP (2004) 5 Elements
Amp Fiddler - You Play Me, Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly, from Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly, Album (2004) Genuine/PIAS
Amp Fiddler - I Believe In You (Jaylib Mix), 12-inch and CD single (2004) Genuine/PIAS
Brother Jack McDuff - Oblighetto (J Dilla Remix), from Blue Note Revisted, Album (2004) Blue Note
De La Soul - Verbal Clap, Much More from Grind Date, Album (2004) Sanctuary
DJ Cam - Love Junkee (Remix), 12-inch single (2003) Inflamable and Liquid Hip Hop, Album (2004) Inflamable
Frank-N-Dank - Let's Go, Okay, MCA from Xtended Play, Album (2004) Needillworks
Lawless Element - The Shining, 12-inch single (2004) RMR/Fat Beats
Lawless Element - The Shining, from Soundvision: In Stereo (2005) BABYGRANDE
Oh No - Move from The Disrupt, Album (2004), and The Disrupt Instrumentals (2005) Stones Throw
Proof of D12 - Bring It 2 Me, from I Miss The Hip Hop Shop, Album (2004) Iron Fist
Prozack - Leisure Rules, from Death, Taxes, and Prozack, Album (2004) Outofwork Records
Slum Village - Do You, from Detroit Deli, Album (2004) Barak/Capitol

Production Credits: 2005
Common - Love Is, It's Your World (Pt 1 & 2) from Be, Album and Be Instrumentals (2005) GOOD Music/Geffen
Common - The Movement from NBA 2K6 - The Tracks, Album (2005) Decon
Dwele - Keep On from Some Kinda, Album (2005) Virgin
Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio - Antiquity from Love Is The Answer, Album (2005) Ninja Tune
- Push feat. J Dilla, 12-inch single (2005) Stones Throw
Push, So Real from Push Comes to Shove, Album (2005), and Push Comes to Shove (Instrumentals), Album (2005) Stones Throw
Moka Only - One Time from The Desired Effect, Album (2005) Nettwerk
Oh No - Move Part 2 feat. J Dilla & Roc C, 12-inch single (2005) Stones Throw
Slum Village - Who Are We from Prequel To A Classic, Album (2005) Barak Records
Spacek - Dollar, 12-inch single (2005) Sound in Color
Spacek -
Dollar from Space Shift, Album (2005) Sound in Color
Talib Kweli - Roll Off Me from Right About Now, Album (2005) Koch

Production Credits: 2006-2009
Ghostface Killah -
Beauty Jackson, Whip You with a Strap from Fishscale, Album (2006) Def Jam
Busta Rhymes - You Can't Hold A Torch from The Big Bang, Album (2006) Aftermath
Visionaries - All Right from We are the Ones (We've Been Waiting For), Album (2006) Up Above
Guilty Simpson - Clap Your Hands from Chrome Children, Album (2006) Stones Throw
A.G. - Hip Hop Quotable, 12-inch single (2006) Look
A.G. - Hip Hop Quoteable from Get Dirty Radio, Album (2006) Look
Madlib - Take It Back from Chrome Children, Album (2006) Stones Throw
Guilty Simpson - Man's World, 12-inch single (2007) NO LABEL
Phat Kat - Cold Steel, 12-inch single (2007) Look
Phat Kat - 5 songs from Carte Blanche, Album (2007) Look
Guilty Simpson - I Must Love You from Ode to the Ghetto, Album (2008) Stones Throw
Guilty Simpson
- Stress, 12-inch single (2009) NO LABEL
- House of Flying Daggers, Arson Jones, 10 Bricks from Only Built for Cuban Linx 2, Album (2009) EMI 

Freddie Joachim "Patterns Volume 3", Finest Ego January Mix

Freddie Joachim Mix
Click Here

I have been dedicated to digging for music since 1995. 
Every now and then, some great music blogs come my way in a form that 
is hard to find nowadays:
Strictly Beats Blog (strictlybeats.blogspot.com) is a website dedicated 
to Hip Hop backpackers, underground Hip Hop heads and lovers of 
modern instrumental Hip Hop beats. 
Strictly Beats is not one of those blogs that is at risk of getting shut down because they 
allow people to directly download files form MediaFire, MegaUpload, etc. On the other hand, 
Strictly Beats dedicates themselves to helping young, up and coming Hip hop 
artists and producers gain notoriety through their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

One highlighted artist who has made numerous spots on the Strictly Beats Blog 
is Freddie Joachim. Right off the bat from listening to his music, you can tell
he spends a lot of time in the basement spinning records and out and about sampling vinyl!

This mix should do you all well to help you through the middle of the week.
Pianos, Trumpets, Xylophones, Vibraphones,
Saxophones, Turntables. Blunted at it's best. 
So Just Chill.... To the Next Episode.

Freddie Joachim's Bandcamp
Freddie Joachim's Soundcloud
Finest Ego Soundcloud

Special Thanks to: Fake internet girlfriends, realizing what "catfishing" really means, relaxing at Venice Beach, any type of lentil soup, $7 24 oz cups of Lagunitas IPA, Re-runs of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia,  helping friends out of one apartment to the next in the dark, almost passing out from smoking a joint rolled with tobacco because your lungs haven't inhaled tobacco in over a year, being tobacco free for almost 4 years now... priceless.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Music Tuesdays: Justin Martin Puts Together Classic Jungle Mix For Free Download

The hits keep coming today! Dirty Bird Records artist and house music head Justin Martin has made no secret that he loves drum & bass over the years. Well now he's finally out together a mix of absolute classic jungle tracks and made it available as a free download on his SoundCloud page. Featuring the likes of Goldie, Adam F, PFM and Seba, plus d&b reworks of Justin Martin tracks, it's absolutely essential.

Here's what Justin had to say:

the last time i recorded a drum & bass set it was on a cassette tape over 10 years ago. in 2012 i was finally able to return to my original love, dive into my old vinyl, and play some jungle: b2b with eats everything at bestival, b2b with totally enormous extinct dinosaurs at secret garden party, and as a guest of bachelors of science at their monthly at monarch in sf. for those of you who were not able to catch one of these rare pilgrimages back to my roots, i have recorded a special set just for you featuring a handful of my all time favorite records. happy new year and i hope you enjoy!
-justin martin

Listen & Download Below:

goldie- kemistry- ffrr
justin martin vs leroy peppers- riding spaceships (shadow child in search of 94 remix)- dirtybird
blu mar ten vs eryka badu- you got me- white label
commix & steve spacek- how you gonna feel- metalheadz
little dragon- little man (marcus intalex remix)- soul:r
justin martin- don't go (leroy peppers remix)- dirtybird
adam f- circles- F-Jams
paradox- deep sleep- renegade hardware
claude vonstroke- aundy (dj marky & spy remix)- dirtybird
seba- waforms- looking good records
justin martin- ghettos & gardens (bachelors of science remix)- dirtybird
pfm- love & happiness- good looking records
seba & lotek- so long- looking good records

Special Thanks: Justin Martin, Classic Drum & Bass, S.P.Y. returning to Respect, Goldie, LTJ Bukem, Roni Size, Smith & Mighty, More Rockers, Photek & London Elektricity

New Music Tuesdays: Four Tet Releases Unreleased Album As Free Download on SoundCloud

With the harsh winter months hitting us hard, it's time to gather round by the fire (or space heater) with some music that can warm the soul. Fortunately for us, Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet has made some of his rather excellent unreleased material from 1997-2001 available as a free download. You can certainly hear his early influences which helped hone his now signature blend of folk music stylings fused with crisp downtempo beats.

Listen & grab the free download of Four Tet's unreleased album below:

Special Thanks: Four Tet, Tycho live at The Troubadour being even better the second time around, The San Francisco 49ers back in the NFC Championship, new beginnings and sushi burritos.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blockhead @ King King Hollywood, CA

Blockhead @ The King King in Hollywood, CA
December 8th, 2012

All Photographs Taken by Upperhands
using a Lomography LC-A+ with 100 asa 35mm film.

Jose Parla - Unveils Graffiti mural at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center

José Parlá is an artist who assumes several roles in order to create his work; he acts as a historical transcriber, and a visual raconteur. As a transcriber, he records his experiences in calligraphic and palimpsestic code. Serving as a collection of textually chronicled memories, the markings appear on backdrops that resemble the distressed surfaces he encounters – the cosmetic results of passed time – city walls marred from layers of paint, old posters, and years of neglect. As a storyteller, Parlá presents a leitmotif of an enigmatic narrative, reaching to translate moments that only a visual dialogue can convey.

In honor of the artist Jose Parla, Upperhands will be re-designing it's website 
to reflect the work of Jose Parla.

 Special Thanks to: Vandalism with a spray can, marker, paper, oil stick, mop, fire extinguisher, lipstick, paint, crayon, paint roller, etc.

DJ Marky Podcast is Back in Action After 1 Year Hiatus!

I began to wonder where he was all this time.
No sign of a DJ Marky / S.P.Y. album anytime soon...
No show at Coachella 2011...
No sign of a solo album...
Just when I thought we lost him...
He's back for 2013!

DJ Marky is the greatest Brazilian Drum and Bass producer and DJ,
who gained massive attention with a little tune he produced with producer mate XRS, 
"LK" Featuring Stamina MC.
For those of you who don't know the track, click below to be blown away.

Since 2002 when this song was released, DJ Marky has gone on to become one of the 
biggest and baddest Drum and Bass DJs on earth.
He is always on the cutting edge of what is hot, happening and fresh in this 
ever-changing world of DNB.

Please do visit his website by clicking below,
 then kick back with a mixed drink with an umbrella in it,
and experience the DJ Marky Podcast.

In closing I would like to point your attention to one of the most ridiculous DJ videos I've ever seen.
While recently bored and searching youtube for some DJ Marky music,
I cam across a video of one of his DJ sets alongside his other Brazilian DJ and producer mate,
DJ Patife.
Purveyor of the "Smabass" sound (a hybrid of Brazilian Samba and Drum and Bass)
the "Sonar De Sao Paulo: DJ Marky vs. DJ Patife" set is one of a kind.
Bouncing back and forth between tracks like the turntablist group, "The X-Ecutioners"
Marky and Patife show us DJs what is possible and inconceivable with a turntable.
Do not mind the sound quality, nor the video quality when the strobe light come on and blurs everything...
Just wait for it.... wait for it... 
at about the 50 minute mark...
DJ Marky turns his turntable upside down and begins scratching to the beat without 
making a single mistake! Unlike anything I've ever seen before in the DJ world!
Check it!!!!

Special Thanks to: DJ Marky and only DJ Marky.

Synkro Celebrates New EP On Apollo Records By Releasing FREE DOWNLOAD of Unreleased Track "Mountains"

Along with DFRNT, we've been loving the deep, dubbed out sounds of Synkro for some time. Now the producer is gearing up to release his next EP on the esteemed Apollo Records label and has decided to give fans a treat by making his older, unreleased track, "Mountains" available for free download on his Bandcamp page. There's also a pretty sweet remix of "Mountains" by producer Troy Gunner as part of the package as well.

Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD from Synkro HERE

Special Thanks: Synkro, Apollo Records, DFRNT, deep bass music, Lovelock, 80's synths, yacht rock and 2013 Oscar Nominations

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

De La Soul - Breakadawn (Video) - Upperhands Throwback Video Edition

De La Soul - Breakadawn (Video) - 1993

Ah one two, ah one two Ah one two, ah one two
Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn
I was born in the Boogie Down cat scan Where my building fell down on the rats and People sorta super wanna trip to the penile While I settle off the shores of the Long Isle
My father's clean not mean my mind is clear when I transmit I am the manner of the family 'cause the pants fit I want to let forensics prove, that I can mends Groove wit the thread from needle outta hay, wanna say
Salutations to the nation of the Nubian's We bout to place you in that '3 Feet' of stew again I got the frequency to shatter Mrs. Jones' perm I gotta 'Hey Love' all the honies 'cause they're short term
Tallyin' the score I'm for the shottie in the jacket For the brother he's a nigga when he packs it So get your butt out the sling, I stung Muhammad float a note That means I'm def, so like the autographs you sign until the
Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn
Aiyyo groove with the mayor, hazard on the sayer Wave the eighteen mill', eat a still Sack or bag of troubles, make the single double Loop the coin and join the minimum wage
I had a plan if I was the man, I'd throw the J Lay it low and late night I get stressed Unconditioned my ways, of the everyday sunset Wagin' my days, to the one bet
'Cause your breaks'll have the carrot of cakes, whether mine Out of line, I breeze into the early mornin' Freak the WIC call and get a tap on my shoulder 'Cause the days of the breaks, be just about over
The arts of the six won't play my bag of tricks I got the sevens in my pocket somewhere Reasons for the Cheer All Temperature here I keep it to the rear and then I'm exploding
I be the fab I be the fabulous but see unlike the Chi I got the flea up in the name Can't no one bend my cousin from the Peter Piper like the others Latchin' on to when I caught the fame
Pass the task to ask me bout the Native Tongue again my friend I tell you Jungle Brothers 'On the Run' I'm shakin' hands with many devils in the industry Believe the Genesis life fill with stills mean that I'm def So like the autographs you sign until the
Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn Breakadawn, breakadawn
We in the mornin' at the end, but in the end I be the is 'Cause in the mix, man, it's alright Momma got the rhythm to my day life My pops gots enough so best to leave or sail the waves
To the Long I laid the anchor in the 'Ville And how I relate, the same side of my gates Paper days, mess up my mind, ground zero degrees And the weather feels fine
You opened my eyes man, thought I had a man But how could I eye scan, I wasn't around I seen the states and played the dates in the far-far Gathered the new, from the zoas around
Grew old with Mikey Rodes and played the codes Sometimes I don't budge, without my cous' Fuzz A simple, "How ya do?", ah check it from my friends and my crew Makes it definitely special
Now there's no 'Shiny Happy People' in the crew we play the rough I got the huff, and puff, to blow the house low You know the never ending factor while I'm over, tell a squid I know an Enterprising brother, so report to the bridge
I bounce a ball with my left, a squid with my right 'Cause a squid is just a punk, yo he deserved to lose the fight I might meander 'cross your dream, travellin' up the stream Plug Wonder Wonder Why you're lonely tonight
We see the girls scream as if we're shocked by the live shell Let's round em up and get em back to the hotel Motel, holiday, inn-fact, I'm gonna let you know Once again, that De La Soul is sure to show you We will hit the charter harder than the normal rappin' fool

Special Thanks: De La Soul, Native Tongues, Zulu Nation, Emcees from Long Island, Sampling Michael Jackson's music, RGIII's knee, Ray Lewis becoming the most famous linebacker ever after murdering 2 people and getting away with it only because he is a rich and powerful athlete, Zero Baseball Hall of Famers making it this year, Rex Ryan's tattoo, Snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain 11,053 feet in the sky.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Music Tuesdays: Tosca Offer Free Download of "What If" From New Album "Odeon"

Now this is a treat! It's been a few years since Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Hubert have released a new Tosca album after the critically-acclaimed "No Hassle" on their seminal Vienna label, G-Stone Recordings. Now the downtempo duo is back and have made their first single, "What If" available as a free download to get fans properly excited.

The new sounds are just as you might expect...plenty of lush, downtempo orchestration but enough fresh, smoked out bass to keep it from being strictly sleepy time material. Tosca will also be releasing a very special 2-disc edition of "Odeon" that features the entire album performed live in Vienna as well!

Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD of "What If" HERE

Special Thanks: Tosca, K7! Records, G-Stone, Vienna, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Live Massive Attack Bootlegs, Bossanova and Pacific Rim excitement.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bold Prediction: Daft Punk WILL Tour in 2013

Despite a lot of back and forth this week over whether or not iconic electronic music producers, Daft Punk will be embarking on a tour in 2013...we aren't fooled by the smoke and mirrors and firmly believe they will be hitting the road - at least for a handful of appearences. When you consider that they will definitely have a new album out this year, you can be certain the band will want to announce their comeback in a big way. While Coachella is the usual hot-tipped choice for the USA, (which would make sense for the cultural impact of the new album), don't count out a full-blown tour towards the end of the year.

These guys only do things big and this image says it all:

Special Thanks: Daft Punk, The Sound of the Cosmos, Cinematic Orchestra, Quakers album, 49ers Vs Green Bay NFL Playoff Showdown Looming

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lomography Sprocket Rocket with Delta 100 Black and White

Multiple Exposures of Nancy Rubins sculpture in Dowtown Los Angeles.

The soft feel of the lights reflecting on the sculpture are achieved by using the 'B' setting on 
the Lomography Sprocket Rocket.
By simply putting the 'B' setting on, with a tripod you are able to 
keep the shutter open for as long as desired.
I believe this was a 3-4 minute exposure.