Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quantum Leap: Daft Punk & De La Soul Featured in Wax Poetics Summer Issue #55

Some essential reading material we just picked up comes from the summer edition of iconic music magazine, Wax Poetics. Issue #55 features really cool in-depth interviews with some of our all-time favorite groups, Daft Punk, De La Soul and Slum Village that you simply can't miss!

Pick up Wax Poetics Issue 55 on newsstands now and then soon to be going for top dollar on Ebay.

Special Thanks: Wax Poetics, Daft Punk, De La Soul, Slum Village, LTJ Bukem's instant classic comeback album, "In Session" and the Evil Dead remake being really well done.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

KICKS #6 : NIKE Barkley Posite Max "Suns"

For those of you out there who might have forgot that Charles Barkley had one of the most
dominant post games of all time, this post is for you.
Over the past few years, Charles and his hilarious quotes, outlooks and observations about basketball have helped make quite a name for himself on NBA on TNT.
But long ago, Sir Charles had some other powerful words for all of us haters out there:
I am not a role model.
In honor of the famous commercial that made us all wonder "what the hell is Chuck talking about",
here it is in all of it's glory.
Fast forward to 2013.
NIKE and their insane design team have been re-releasing and recreating some amazing
shoes that no one in their right mind would ever play ball in, but would definitely
turn the sneaker heads out there.
Enter the NIKE Barkley Posite Max "Suns" Edition.
Real recognize real. Enjoy.



Special thanks to: Charles Barkley's huge ass down on the block that would knock any huge NBA player out of the way, Charles Barkley's gambling problems, Charles Barkley telling us all "anything less, would be uncivilized", Every time Charles Barkley calls someone a knucklehead or says that something is "terrible", Charles Barkley's amazing ability to make us laugh during the NBA season, Sir Charles, Chuck, CB... Respect. 

Must Watch - Between The Beats : Motor City Drum Ensemble

Resident Advisor has brought together a glimpse into the world of one of the
biggest and youngest names in House music : Motor City Drum Ensemble.
No, it's not an ensemble by any standards, but when you listen to his production,
hear his mixes or have the chance to see him live, your ears truly hear an ensemble of sound.
Recently featured on the Resident Advisor website is a short film that
documents the life and travels of one Motor City Drum Ensemble.

Special Thanks to: Assholes on planes, bus rides full of people who smell, Prometheus and the Dark Knight Rises being awesome action films, the new ZOMBY album sucking, New York pizza, 90th birthday parties, iPhones allowing you to pretty much do anything.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Must Watch: Eddie Murphy To Put Out Reggae Album and Teams With Snoop Lion On First Single "Redlight"

As if Eddie Murphy couldn't be content with his 80's anthem, "Party All The Time," now he's gone and made a reggae album. First single features Snoop Dog, er Snoop Lion, and let's just say for a man with millions, this video looks + sounds like a sketch from the Dave Chapelle show. Seriously, check out the hilarity below:

Eddie Murphy Feat. Snoop Lion "Redlight":

And just for fun, here's the classic clip for "Party All The Time":

Special Thanks: Eddie Murphy for no longer making funny movies, but still holding it down in the music video department

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Free Download: Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza Remixes Blondie's Iconic "Heart of Glass"

Today's essential free download that we've found comes courtesy of Rob Garza, one half of Thievery Corporation. He recently released his excellent "Remixes" album and now he's served up a stellar bonus remix of Blondie's "Heart of Glass" just in time for the start of summer. This one is seriously funky stuff...

Listen & download Blondie's "Heart of Glass (Rob Garza Remix) below:

Special Thanks: Rob Garza, Blondie, house music, tater tots and the economic hitman

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Listen: Nicolas Jaar Goes "Daftside" By Remixing Daft Punk's Entire "Random Access Memories" Album

While some of the haters have had their fun bashing the new Daft Punk album, "Random Access Memories," we feel it's easily one of the best releases of 2013 so far. Now before we head off to see acclaimed producer Nicolas Jaar headline The Do LaB's upcoming Lightning in a Bottle festival in a couple of weeks, Jaar and his Darkside production partner have remixed "Random Access Memories" in full and to great effect. It does sound a lot different to the original, but like the best remixes, keeps more than enough intact.

Listen to Nicolas Jaar's Daftside below:

Special Thanks: Nicolas Jaar for always bringing the goods, Daft Punk for making one of the best albums of 2013, LDP Boat Parties, proper house music and good friends

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Style: The Beastie Boys Team With Nixon on New Watches Where Proceeds Benefit Adam Yauch Park in NYC

We at Upperhands have always been fond of some slick time pieces and the music of the Beastie Boys.  So when we saw this new line from Nixon featuring MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D, we definitely nerded out. Not only are they super cool and limited edition, but it's nice knowing that by purchasing one of these beauties, all the proceeds are going to support NYC parks, specifically one that was named in honor of the late, Adam Yauch.

Donations are $75 and just look at what you get in addition to helping support NYC parks:

Special Thanks: The Beastie Boys, Nixon, NYC, Brooklyn, Adam Yauch RIP, The Dub Club, Hollie Cook, Prince Fatty and homemade pizza

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DJ Marky @ RESPECT Drum and Bass : The Upside Down Scratch Technique

Well... here it is mi amigos. I'm finally releasing one of my personal gems... DJ Marky @ RESPECT Drum and Bass ripping it up with the "upside down scratching technique". Like a DJ ninja, DJ Marky is by far the illest out there and is worth a watch. 


Special Thanks to: Magnetic Tone Arms and Turntable needles.

Moda Black Volume 2 : Mixed by Jaymo & Andy George

UPPERHANDS House pick of the week:
Moda Black Volume 2 : Mixed by Jaymo & Andy George

Moda Black has firmly established itself as one of the UK's most exciting record labels for forward-thinking electronic music. Headed by Jaymo & Andy George, and boasting an artist stable that ranges from internationally recognised names such as Hot Since 82 and Maxxi Soundsystem, through to breaking talents such as Hauswerks and Celsius. The label draws influences from the worldwide sounds of house and techno whilst maintaining a unique composition that focuses on high quality productions and innovative ideas. 
In Spring 2011 the debut Moda Black album was released. Comprising of thirteen entirely original pieces of music, written by the label's artists and extended-family and mixed together by Jaymo & Andy George. Moda Black Vol.1 received widespread acclaim from DJ's and music fans alike and went on to be awarded iTunes Dance Album of the Year in December 2012.
Here now we have Moda Black Volume 2 and I'm proud to say it's the bomb. My beautiful and talented 
                              girlfriend schooled me on this mix and I just had to get out to you all.

Below you you will find Moda Black's Soundcloud link to stream and listen to the whole album
A link to the Moda Black website
and a photographic set of all the EPs that they created to honor this album.

Special Thanks To: Getting schooled on new music. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Watch Vice & Thump Present The Making of Pretty Lights' New Album "A Color Map of the Sun"

So Vice and their electronic music channel, Thump, recently got down with EDM heavyweight, Pretty Lights, and the result is this fresh mini-documentary about the producer's eagerly anticipated new album, "A Color Map of the Sun."

Check it out below & cop that new album come July 2nd 2013:

Special Thanks: Pretty Lights, Vice, Thump and the ill new Author album "Forward Forever"

DJ Shadow : Midnight In A Perfect World (Music Video)

DJ Shadow : Midnight In A Perfect World (Music Video)

It's a classic and I was just feeling this track right now. 
Have fun making the connection between the cover of the "Endtroducing"
and this music video.

Front Cover of DJ Shadow : Endtroducing

DJ Shadow : Midnight In A Perfect World (Music Video)

DJ Shadow in the studio

Special Thanks to: Dusty crates and dusty fingers.

Lone : Galaxy Garden - Blasting with Color

Upperhands experimental pick of the week:

Lone - Galaxy Garden

I read a bit about the artist Lone and what I took away from it was one 
simple theme: "I want every song to be full of color that is possible".
Have a listen and see for yourself.


Special Thanks to: Great electronic albums that come out of nowhere like the first time you got socked in the nose except this time your head is bopping back and forth to an ill beat not a fist.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

DFRNT : Immerse Audio #60 Mix

DFRNT Immersed Audio #60 Mix

Below you will find one of the illest backgrounds for a web player. hosts the DFRNT podcast but also gives you the ability to feel right at home 
in front of your very own record collection. 

Upperhands Photo Vault

Lomography CN 200
Taken with an LC-A+ 

Photo of U.N.I. crossed with Shepard Fairey 
Original U.N.I. photo taken by Ed Canas

Special Thanks to: Going down by 15 in the fourth quarter, Overcoming the adversity.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DMC DJ Champions - 2006 - 1998 - Championship Routines (PART TWO)

The DMC Championship has showcased the finest in DJing and Turntablism since the mid 1980's.
DJ's spend countless hours in their basements, bedrooms or studios practicing a roughly 5 minute routine that includes heavy scratching, beat juggling and most likely some insane body trick that no one thought anyone could do. 
Each year someone does something that is unheard of, that surpasses the winner from the year before and helps advance the sport into bigger and better DJ worlds. 
This is a synopsis of the 2006 to 1999 Championship routines from the 
DMC World Championship competition. 

DJ Netik - 2006 Champion

DJ ie.MERG - 2005 Champion

DJ ie.MERG - 2004 Champion

DJ Dopey - 2003 Champion

DJ Kentaro - 2002 Champion

DJ Plus One - 2001 Champion

DJ Craze - 2000 Champion

DJ Craze - 1999 Champion

DJ Craze - 1998 Champion

Special Thanks to: The turntable.

DMC DJ Champions - 2012 - 2007 - Championship Routines (PART ONE)

The DMC Championship has showcased the finest in DJing and Turntablism since the mid 1980's.
DJ's spend countless hours in their basements, bedrooms or studios practicing a roughly 5 minute routine that includes heavy scratching, beat juggling and most likely some insane body trick that no one thought anyone could do. 
Each year someone does something that is unheard of, that surpasses the winner from the year before and helps advance the sport into bigger and better DJ worlds. 
This is a synopsis of the 2012 to 2007 Championship routines from the 
DMC World Championship competition. 

DJ Izoh - 2012 Champion

DJ Vajra - 2011 Champion

DJ Ligone - 2010 Champion

DJ Shiftee - 2009 Champion

DJ Fly - 2008

DJ Rafik - 2007

Part Two Up Next!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DJ Spinna : In B-Boy Mode, Old School Hip Hop Mix - Free Download

DJ Spinna : In B-Boy Mode, Old School Hip Hop Mix - Free Download
Join DJ Spinna as he takes you through the tale of Hip Hop as it used to be!

Music Mondays: Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza Drops "2013 Summer Mix" as Free Download

The first day of summer is right around the corner and Rob Garza (one half of Thievery Corporation) has made his excellent 2013 Summer mix available as a free download on his SoundCloud page. Right from the opening reworking of Blondie's seminal song, "Heart of Glass," Garza leaves the downtempo grooves behind and goes on a funky deep house excursion that's pure dancefloor class.

Listen and Download Ro Garza's "2013 Summer Mix" Below:

Blondie - Heart of Glass (Out of Body Workshop Mix)
Out of Body Workshop - Calle del Espiritu Santo (Space Ranger Remix)
40 Thieves (feat Qzen) - Don't Turn it Off (Brennan Green Mix)
Azari & III - Reckless with your love (Cole and Medina Mix)
John Talabot (feat Pional) - So Will Be Now
Atmosfear - Dancing in Outer Space (The Revenge Rework)
James Dexter - Forward
Crazy P - Eruption (Bonar Bradberry mix)
Ben Pearce What I Might Do (Club Mix)
Audiojack - No Equal Sides (Original Mix)

Special Thanks: Rob Garza, Thievery Corporation, ESL Music, deep house, downtempo, Sake House and Yogurtland

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Free Download: Mungo's Hi-Fi Soundsystem Put Together Perfect Reggae Podcast for Big Up Magazine

As we enter the first weekend of June, the weather is getting warmer and reggae is sounding better than ever as the soundtrack. When it comes to modern groups who represent the best of the past, present and future of the genre, Glasgow's Mungo's Hi-Fi Soundsystem are doing it up proper. Not only are their albums fantastic, but they boast one of the most impressive soundsystems in the world, one that even the best producers flock to utilize. Ahead of their new album, "Brand New Bangarang," along with summer festivals like Outlook and Dimensions, they've put together a smokin' 30 minute podcast for Big Up Magazine that features a ton of original tracks and exclusive dubplates.

Listen and download the Mungo's Hi-Fi Big Up Magazine Podcast below (just click the black box):


Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Kenny Knots – One Life to live (acoustic version) [Scotch Bonnet]
Hendry & Louis ft Pacey – Everyman Different (Mungo’s Hi Fi Remix) [Scotch Bonnet]
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Everyman dub [Scotch Bonnet]
Prince Fatty – Say what your saying ft George Dekker (Mungo’s Hi Fi remix) [Mr. bongo forthcoming]
Nanci & Phoebe ft Congo Natty – Notorious (Mungo’s Hi Fi remix) [unreleased]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Kenny Knots – She got love for me [Scotch Bonnet]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft.Wailing Souls – Bandits [dubplate]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Kenny Knots – Sweet meditation [Scotch Bonnet]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Soom T – I need weed [Scotch Bonnet forthcoming]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Kenny Knots – so mi stay [Scotch Bonnet]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Yellowman & Mr Williamz ram dance master [Scotch Bonnet]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. eek a Mouse – hire and removal [sScrub a dub]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. eek a Mouse – hire and trap [unreleased]
Mungo’s Hi Fi word sound and power dub [unreleased]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Kenny Knots – brand new bangarang [Scotch Bonnet]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. YT precious diamond
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Lady Ann – sound get a beating [Scotch Bonnet forthcoming]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Cocoa Tea – we do the boggling [unreleased]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Kenny Knots gimme gimme [Scotch Bonnet]
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft IBogle – bogle mad dub [unreleased]
Mungo’s Hi Fi your love [Scotch Bonnet]
Mungo’s Hi Fi rock inna dancehall dub [Scotch Bonnet]

Special Thanks: Mungos' Hi-Fi for putting this dope reggae selection together, Big Up Magazine, OutLook Festival, Soundsytem culture and summertime jams

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Band Called Death - The Vincent Van Gogh of Punk Music

Vincent Van Gogh is regarded as one of the most important contributions to the arts and art history of all time. No, not because he cut his ear off (It was only a sliver of the ear, not the whole thing), 
but because his artistic style was so radical, so different for it's time that people did not understand it nor want to have anything to do with it.
He never sold a single work of art. 
He was shunned by other artists and collectors for reasons like "the brushstrokes are too extreme and rough", "the colors don't match what objects really look like", "it looks like a kid painted it".
No matter how much people talked shit about his work, he never gave up. 
Creating hundreds of paintings in his life, he lived painting without a care of what anyone had to say. Painting was in his blood. It was his soul.
 It wasn't until years after Vincent Van Gogh had passed away, that the people who denied him 
of the status he deserved had this epiphany about his art:
Van Gogh was a revolutionary artist, we just didn't understand that art was changing
and Van Gogh was the white horse guiding art into the 20th century.

Punk music has influenced all facets of the genres we are most familiar with in today's generation. Hip Hop, electronic, rock, indie; punk started it all.
The brash and in your face style of punk in the 70's, 80's and 90's helped birth some of our most infamous style explosions of all time. Colorful clothes, middle fingers, binge drinking before, during and after the show, loud blasting music, raging inside a small club with a bunch of other sweaty music enthusiasts, being political activists and most importantly... 
being defiant and comfortable with it.
What if I told you that there was a band that predates what we know as our punk?
What if I told you the band was around in 1973, ten years before the Sex Pistols or The Ramones?
What if I told you that the band members were all African American?
What if I told you that no one gave them a chance in hell at making it in the music industry?

Enter the Vincent Van Gogh of rock music.
Enter a band called:


Where you can see the documentary on the big screen:

For all of my Los Angeleians out there...
Our friends at Cinefamily on Fairfax are not only screening the film
but Death will be at Cinefamily performing live after the documentary airs!!!

Special Thanks to: Being a punk in any form or style you choose.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Free Download: Rusko Embraces Drum and Bass on New OWSLA Single "Take Off"

We're even more excited to see Rusko play the upcoming "Lightning in a Bottle" Festival after hearing the dope drum & bass sounds (plus accompanying Jay-Z vocal sample) he's put on new single, "Lift Off." While it still sounds like Rusko, the drum & bass tempo is a welcome change from his usual womp and circumstance. New EP is dropping 7/2/13 on Skrillex's label, OWSLA too!

Listen & download Rusko's "Take Off" HERE

Special Thanks: Rusko for changing it up, drum & bass, OWSLA, Skrillex, bass music and big beats

The Sounds of Summer: Almunia Releases Second Album "Pulsar" and Offers New Mix as Free Download

What do you get when you combine cosmic disco, psychedelic guitar solos and beautifully layered soundscapes? That would be the sound of Almunia's sublime second album, "Pulsar," which just came out on Claremont 56. Leo Almunia has been kind enough to put together a "Pulsar Live Mix" on his SoundCloud page, where he puts together some of the album's best tracks and combines them with like-minded artists such as Alucidnation to create the perfect summertime mix.

Listen and download Almunia's "Pulsar Live Mix" below:

Almunia- Views from a blue train
Almunia - Pulsar
The Project Club - El Mar y la luna
Alucidnation - 16 Below
Sorcerer-Universal vision Dub
Almunia-Ode to mom
Good day today-Diskjokke remix
Jose Gonzalez - Killing for love (Todd Terje remix)
Eddie C -Every life under the invisible hands
Todd Terje - Ragysh
Fernando - First words
Almunia - Ekova
Almunia - Secret marriage

Special Thanks: Leo Almunia for making this kind of music, Claremont 56 for putting out this kind of music, warm weather, beach days and cosmic disco nights

Free Download: DFRNT Puts Together Finest Ego Monthly Mix "One Thousand Miles Away"

A lot of great new music has hits our ears this week, including this delicious new mix from Upperhands' favorite, DFRNT. While starting out on the ambient tip, the mix seamlessly weaves through a myriad of different tempos, while always staying distinctively DFRNT deep. This one is great for those early or late night sessions.

Listen and download "One Thousand Miles Away" below:

01. Akusmatic – For S
02. 18eme Boudoir – Melody Nebula
03. DFRNT – A Prelude To Departure
04. Sepalcure – DMD
05. Will Maddams – Stand In For Love
06. Detboi – Back To Mine
07. Waifs & Strays – Remedy
08. DFRNT & Aaron Shallow – Wanted So
09. Glimpse – Whiles
10. DFRNT & Aaron Shallow – Crumpet
11. Alfie – Hy-Brazil (Citizen Remix)
12. Oceana feat. N – black
13. Soul Clap – Need Your Lovin’ (Nitetime Remix)
14. Marcel Lune – Umm Eh
15. DFRNT – The Way You Look At Me
16. Toddla T Sound – Worst Enemy
17. Detboi – Focus
18. ENA – Community Space
Special Thanks: Finest Ego for making this happen, DFRNT for continuing to experiment while staying deep, Author, Ruckspin, Jack Sparrow and the NBA Finals starting