Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adam Freeland, TRON and Chainsaws.

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite live DJs,
Adam Freeland, TRON and chain saws.

Adam Freeland dedicated much of his stage video to these tripped out clips of
Jeff Bridges from the original TRON.

Leg on stage with his Leg family and Freeland.
Read on for the story of leg.

1. "Leg" originated during Freeland's set at LIB 2010.
2. "Leg" is on the top 5 funniest things in 2KC history
3. The Do Lab people took "Leg".
4. We didnt know if we would ever see "Leg".
5. Until one night in Hollywood when the 2kc crew found "Leg".
6. He was on stage with Adam freeland and the rest of his "Leg" family

Adam Freeland @ Lightning in a Bottle 2010

Adam Freeland and Rudy Colby @ Lightning in a Bottle 2010

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