Monday, April 23, 2012


Burka getting up in West LA.
Looking forward to seeing these painted faces more often in this city.
Keep up the good work.

Special Thanks to: Every single annoying mock NFL draft I've been hearing, smelly feet, stuffed eggplants, scarface og, Emily's beautiful face, Mike D's curated show at MOCA Geffen Downtown, the Beastie Boys, Peanut Buter Wolf labelling himself a "vj" the other night (playing music videos through turntables - F***ing revolutionary), dwight howard is a total beeyotch, ron artest is still violent, Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus, pete rock and c.l. smooth - the main ingredient, LTJ Bukem - Progression Sessions, Duke Du Rock always coming thru with new music for me (thanks man), the los angeles kings beating Ryan's Vancouver Canucks, bobby valentine's stupid face, and almost jinxing the new york rangers into elimination by wearing my Mark messier jersey saturday night... you better not lose game 7 in msg or you will be more embarrassing than the new york islanders.

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