Thursday, February 14, 2013

Space Invader on LAWEEKLY Building

French Street Artist "Space Invader", has made his mark all over the world, including once on our beloved HOLLYWOOD sign. 

Always having a knack to find the coolest little corners and spots to put up his work,
Space Invader uses a medium unlike any other graffiti / street artists in the world: Ceramic Tile.
He pre-makes his pieces in his studio, joining various colorful ceramic squares together in an ancient video game style. Using inspiration form images of characters featured in the ancient video game of Space Invader, Space Invader brings us a playful and always happy work of art that has never ceased to put a smile on my face. 
This one seen here is actually installed on the side of the LAWEEKLY building on the corner of Sepulveda and Venice Blvd. Although it looks illegal, there is something that leads me to believe it might have been commissioned by LAWEEKLY to go next to the larger mural you see below made by world famous graffiti artists HOW and NOSM. 
In any way shape or form, Space Invader is one of my favorites artists and I can't wait to find another one of his inconspicuous pieces here in Los Angeles soon.

 Special Thanks To: Michael Jordan turning 50 this week, kids who actually still sing and dance the Gangnam Style song, People who think they are amazingly creative because they solely use Facebook and Instagram as a valid means of being expressive, 14.8% alcohol wine, Imagining how sick cameras will be in 5 years, HOW NOSM, Space Invader, Anyone who still gets up in the streets.... If you don't know what that means, chances are you don't get up in the streets.

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