Friday, October 11, 2013

Essential Weekend Playlist: Free Download of Traveler's Excellent Nu-Disco Remix of Mark Morrison "Return of the Mack"

WhenI first heard this remix played on the last day of this year's Lightning in a Bottle Festival, I instantly loved it so much that I went over to the DJ and asked who did this dope cosmic disco remix of Mark Morrison's classic cut, "Return of the Mack?!" The response was "I did," and the producer then told me his name was Traveler and that he would eventually put it out. Now 3 months later, Traveler has done just that and made his "Return of the Mack" remix available as a free download over on his Soundcloud page. The booming 808 beats give way to a seriously funky nu-disco groove and guitar line that will have you feeling like summer is still here.

Listen and Download Mark Morrison "Return of the Mack (Traveler Remix)" Below:

Special Thanks: Traveler for dropping this at Lightning in a Bottle during an otherwise atrociously hot Monday morning packing up camp, Mark Morrison and crisp Autumn weekends

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