Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock VS Bob Marley : Rise Up

We are all familiar with the iconic album cover for Bob Marley' "Uprising" album, 
truly exemplifying Bob Marley's message and his message to the people.

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Recently the Breaks duo Kid Kenobi and MC Shureshock enlisted the help of one of the 
hottest Drum and Bass acts in the world Greg Packer, to remix a new track entitled, "Rize Up".

Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock
"Rize Up"

Although there is not much difference in design of the new album,
I still respect the addition of the headphones and microphone for that new style flavor
and ultimately love the remix by Greg Packer.

So without further ado...

Special Thanks to : Terry Richardson's track record as a creep, My complete disdain for Breaks music, Having big talks with family and friends, being forced to do yoga.

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