Saturday, August 2, 2014

Upperhands Preview - New Metalheadz : DLR - Your Mind EP

This right here is the current state of Metalheadz Drum and Bass 
and newest release of one of the oldest members of the Metalheadz family, DLR.
DLR's "Your Mind EP" bridges the gap between the old and new, 
bringing us some supreme retro Metalheadz shit that is bound 
to blow your mind.

Due to be released on August 4th in all formats,
but you can pre-order the EP right now at

For all you out there who just can not wait for this EP to rip apart 
your speakers, here is the almost full length preview.

 Tracklist contained in first 5 playable tracks below:
A. DLR & Mako - Your Mind
B. DLR - 10 Steps
C. DLR - Sense of Waiting
D. DLR & Mako - Seek Knowledge (feat. Rider Shafique)
E. DLR - Outbound

Feel free to scroll through all 295 tracks that Metalheadz has to offer
in this exclusive Soundcloud player collection.

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