Monday, August 10, 2015

Playlist Retreat 2015 - DJ Jazzy Jeff brings the brightest minds together to preserve the future of Hip Hop

I get into this debate with my partner here at Upperhands all the time.
"Why can't artists get together and make music more often?
What else do these guys have to do?
They're artists... so make art".
Well here is why.
And I don't mind it at all.

Imagine being able to assemble some of the most amazing artists and minds of a given genre of art 
into one place where their talents and intellect could crash into each other like the Big Bang theory?
Well DJ Jazzy Jeff imagined this happening and decided to bring it to his backyard... 
and living room...and basement.... and kitchen.

Along with the DJ company Serato, DJ Jazzy Jeff acted as if he were the 
Professor Xavier of Hip Hop DJ's and producers
and assembled the illest crew of artists you could ever want to be in one room together.

DJ Spinna, Tall Black Guy Productions,  Z Trip, DJ Scratch, Shortkut, Rich Medina, DJ Day, 
Young Guru, Lord Finesse, Four Color Zack, Stro Elliot, DJ Numark, Daniel Crawford, Scratch Bastid, DJ Cash Money, Sonny James and more 

Without further ado...

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Serato present :
Playlist Retreat 2015

The entire Playlist Retreat 2015 crew

Dj Jazzy Jeff, Rich Medina 

Z Trip 

DJ Spinna, Lord Finesse 

DJ Spinna

Z Trip and Taku


DJ Jazzy Jeff 

DJ Numark

That's some Grammy award winnin floppy right there!!

Questlove in da house!

This is early in the morning at the #PlaylistRetreat sharing & receiving scratching knowledge with @skratchbastid @djday @djjazzyjeff @hedspin & @djspinna. I was explaining to my DJ Brothers that back in the day we never named scratches. I never knew what a "Flare" was but as I watched @skratchbastid teaching @djspinna how to flare I was like damn! I've been doing that scratch to "Pump Me Up" since the mid 1980's & never knew that was a Flare!! So I was showing them in this video with both hands & @skratchbastid confirmed that it was a Flare. I learned the scratch language that morning. Later on @djday taught me a different CRAZY scratch pattern that I have to master. Knowledge is power. As @djjazzyjeff told me, "We've been Masters for Decades, now it's time for us to become Students again". He's absolutely right
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Special Thanks to : Parents just not understanding Hip Hop.

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