Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Music Tuesday: Download Quakers Podcast from Stones Throw Records

New music Tuesdays have been a tradition of ours ever since CDs were still relevant. Why?Because that's always been the day when new music is released. But with blogs dropping free downloads, mixes & podcasts left and right now, it's kinda watered down the excitement.

But here at Upperhands, we sift through all the rubbish to find YOU some true gems to listen to.

This week we bring you a fresh podcast from Stones Throw Records, the legendary underground hip-hop label from Peanut Butter Wolf that has talent like Madlib, Strong Arm Steady, MED, the late J.Dilla and so many more on its roster.

On their latest podcast - they drop something exceptional from new supergroup, Quakers, which is comprised of Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame, Stuart Matthews and newcomer Katalyst. Together they team with an army of hip-hop all-stars who serve up some serious rhymes over "EarthQUAKE-sized" beats.

Peep the label description below and then download the podcast, plus 2 tracks from the album HERE

"Quakers are a 35-member hip-hop collective centered around three producers - Fuzzface (Geoff Barrow of Portishead), Katalyst (Ashley Anderson), and 7-Stu-7 (Stuart Matthews). Their album drops on Stones Throw on March 27.

This is the "Hip-Hop Quake Mix" by Katalyst, a 40-minute set featuring some of the work that has inspired the project. "

Special Thanks: Stones Throw Records, Geoff Barrows, Katalyst, Quakers, Portishead, Synkro, Marty Party, Tim Tebow 24/7 trade rumors, Dan Patrick's return to the airwaves, Orange Chickenless dinners and the stickiest of the icky

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