Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kicks #1 - DJ Clark Kent and NIKE Series

In the inaugural edition of the Kicks series, I bring you one of my favorite combinations in 
NIKE shoe history...neon.

NIKE has killed it using this neon green in many of the Air Max series shoes and
has really brought it to a next level with this recent collaboration.

Hip Hop Producer DJ Clark Kent, most notably known for producing a ton of amazing songs off Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" album, was a regular in the Hip Hop Golden Era New York Production circle. It's safe to say he has already gained enough cred amongst Hip hop aficionado's, but now
he comes with a whole new style: Kicks!

After searching far and wide around the internet, I was able to uncover not one, but four different examples of his collabo with NIKE. 

No doubt my favorite shoe of them all is the single pair of shoes, with the neon green stitching around the toe and ankle area. Almost like a NIKE moccasin with neon stitching, coupled with a tounge that exudes a rough neon green reptile's skin, this shoe is banging and I would spend a lot to have them!

Retail Price: Average of $300.00 on eBay

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