Wednesday, September 5, 2012

These guys should be the next Slapshot!

If you know me by now... you understand that there are two things I love:
Ice Hockey and Trailer Park Boys.

Recently the Trailer Park Boys, John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, and John Dunsworth,
wrote an NHL column for ESPN NHL. Go figure that ESPN actually cares about hockey.
With the looming CBA lockout upon us in the NHL 2012, I wanted to give the readers of Upperhands the chance to imagine a happy NHL where the Trailer Park Boys had their own team:
The Sunnyvale Piss Jugs

Special Thanks: Donald Fehr the former head of the MLB Players Union who was responsible for allowing the whole steroid issue to become super prevalent in baseball, is now in charge of helping the NHL player's union work out a deal with the owners... Looks like this season is screwed... not good. If there is a lockout... the NHL is doomed and I am even more miserable than being an Islanders fan for my entire life.

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