Monday, August 12, 2013

Music Mondays: Massive Attack "Blue Lines" Special

For this Music Monday, it's particularly chilly in Los Angeles, teasing the upcoming Autumn season. When the temperature drops, the warming sounds of Massive Attack's landmark debut album, "Blue Lines," never cease to find my ears. So I thought we'd take a look back at the music videos that made up this classic from the Wild Bunch. Keep in mind this album came out on April 8, 1991. That's right 1991 and it still sounds fresh mainly due to the fantastic crate-digging former founding member, Mushroom, did on the beats and of course each vocalist sounding so uniquely different from his/her counterpart.

"Safe From Harm" - The album opener and one of my all-time favorites from the band. Still a thrilling highlight in their live sets.

"Daydreaming" saw the group incorporate their love of soul, hip-hop and dub. There's about 5 different versions of the track and this album mix isn't my favorite, but it still showcases a funky side to the group that the "Mezzanine" era fans often forget about.

"Unfinished Symphony" is the unquestioned masterpiece of the "Blue Lines" album and one of dance music's all-time top tracks from one of the genre's best albums ever!

Special Thanks: Massive Attack, Autumn air, Jogasaki Burrito and new adventures

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