Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Upperhands Classic : Crustation - Purple (Jay Dee a.k.a. The Ummah Extended Remix)

The simplest forms of art are sometimes the most extraordinary.
Roughly 5 years ago, baked, searching the internet like a goofball for whatever music I could find,
I stumbled upon a song that I can guarantee you've never heard before.
How confident am I that you've never heard it before? Because I'm a beat digging nerd 
and even I had trouble finding this track.

Crustation - Purple (Jay Dee a.k.a. The Ummah Extended Remix)

Originally released in 1996 on the album, Crustation - "Bloom",
the single track "Purple" was released in 1997 in CD single, 2x 12" Vinyl LP  and 12"LP.
It features remixes from producers such as Mr. Scruff and Le Femme D'Argent,
but the real gem is the "Ummah Extended Remix" ... or is it the "A Tribe Called Quest Edit"?
Well if you said A and B, you're right. 
On various liner notes for the multiple releases of this album single,
you could have a version that refers to "The Ummah" doing the remix or "A Tribe Called Quest" Edit Version or ATCQ Remix.
Still wondering who "The Ummah" is? 
It's Jay Dee.
Go back and read the liner notes from albums like Tribe's "Beats, Rhymes, Life" or "Midnight Marauders" or countless amounts of classic old school Hip Hop and you'll see that name :
The Ummah. 

Jay Dee Cooking up some beats.

So here it is, 
Crustation - Purple (A Tribe Called Quest Edit, Produced by Jay Dee)
Please make sure to be sitting down, laying down or slowly cruising through the 
hills of Los Angeles with the windows down. 

Special Thanks to : The gym for getting aggressions out, the journal for getting words out, the studio for turning thoughts into 3D.

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  1. stoked other people have stumbled onto this gem and appreciate its timeless beauty. possibly my favorite song ever. have a lossless (flac) copy if you'd like the next best thing to vinyl. shoot me a msg if keen, amoryhaydn at gmail