Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flying Lotus x Adult Swim x Viktor Vaughn x Earl Sweatshirt x Captain Murphy = Flava In Ya Ear : Adult Swim Is My Hero

Adult Swim has been on the cutting edge of new wave cartoons for anyone over the age of 16,
but has also been on the cutting edge of introducing ground breaking music from
Hip Hop and Electronic producers.
I can remember like it was yesterday that I started watching Adult Swim :
11:00 Pm on Channel 32 Friday and Saturday nights
I got super baked before I watched shows like Venture Brothers, Robot Chicken,
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Boondocks, Sealab to name a few,
but I was more interested in the quick snippets of Hip Hop beats in between commercials.
Unfortunately for a crate digger like myself, it was hard back in 2006 and 2007 to find these songs on line, or with Google searches.
Then that all changed.
Enter :  Danger Doom

Hip Hop emcee MF Doom had already made a huge name for himself in the Hip hop world by not only rapping about cartoons, adopting cartoon themes for his music videos, Dr Doom themed album artwork for his various releases, MF Doom is a "Super Villain" masked character.
MF Doom collaborated with Adult Swim to release an all Hip Hop album produced by
producer extraordinaire Danger Mouse, hence the name "Danger Doom".
For those of you idiots who don't know what I'm talking about... Have a listen and be educated :

Danger Doom - Aqua Teen Hunger Force 

MF Doom and Ghostface Killah - Man In The Mask

Danger Doom - Cross hairs

Just when you thought that Adult Swim and Hip hop fusion was done releasing new music after taking a brief hiatus, Adult Swim began releasing the "Adult Swim Singles" series.
Now this compilation was not just Hip hop influenced, featuring music from all different genres.
Below you will find a link to the Adult Swim Singles #12 and #13

Adult Swim Singles #13

And now, for the piece de resistance:

Flying Lotus has been a staple in the Adult Swim world since the start of Adult Swim.
If you watched their shows from 2005 to 2009, I can guarantee you heard a Flying Lotus
beat in between commercials. Recently Flying Lotus created an alter ego persona for his
mainly Hip Hop experiments, known as : Captain Murphy.
Featured on this year's Adult Swim Singles #13 is a track that beings me back
to the good old days of down, underground, dirty beats covered in dust and mud!
Flying Lotus has teamed up with Viktor Vaughn (AKA MF Doom) and Earl Sweatshirt
of the Odd Future crew to create a track that I would play as my entrance song if
 I were a pro wrestler. Just picture darkness and chains and hard rocks and it's cold...
then somewhere in the back of the room, you see red eyes pop out
and begin to spit hard lyrics at you.

Adult Swim Singles #13 :
Captain Murphy, Viktor Vaughn and Earl Sweatshirt

Special Thanks To : Adult Swim and the Hip Hop fusion.

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