Friday, November 1, 2013

Return of the Boom Bap - New Stones Throw artist : Jonwayne

 The Marion Morrison Mixtape Cassette

Every once in a while, some new Hip Hop artist catches my ear and flips
the whole Hip Hop game over like a box of 
Rice Krispies getting dumped into an empty bowl of flavor. 

Stones Throw and Peanut Butter Wolf have discovered one of the newest 
emcees that will change the way underground hip hop is produced, written and directed.
Jonwayne is like that stoner you knew in college who has kinda heavy, 
but was extremely knowledgeable about things that were extremely interesting. 
Jonwayne's flow has Aesop Rock like wit and insight, while dabs of Earl Sweatshirt or Tyler the Creator come from his ability to get dark with his lyrics yet still keep you thinking.
 Jonwayne's style combined with gully basement beats, makes the Marion Morrison mixtape a 
sure fire banger for anyone who is down with the realness.

 In a creative way that only Stones Throw could come up with, 
Jonwayne released Three Volumes of mixtapes which were sold and 
packaged in the Stones Throw store as cassette tapes.

Jonwayne - Cassette 1

Jonwayne - Cassette 2

 You can still cop the 2nd and 3rd cassette tape from the Stones Throw web-store.

Click below to go to Stones Throw Website to purchase the cassette 
and or download the entire mixtape 
for free.

Jonwayne - Cassette 3

Jonwayne - Marion Morrison Mixtape

 Just released this past week are two fresh singles
 from Jonwayne's new album,
Rap Album One

If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to see Jonwayne open for GZA
@ the Echoplex on November 7th, 2013,
Go to to get tickets 

Special Thanks to : Stones Throw, Peanut Butter Wolf, Captain Murphy, Emcees from California.

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