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Evolution of a Beat - Part 2 : Asheru meets Hubert Laws


 Evolution of a Beat - Part 2 : Asheru meets Hubert Laws

In this edition of "Evolution of a Beat", I travel down the path that starts with
the Jazz Liberatorz. Known for their elegant blend of Jazz and Hip Hop, French Hip Hop producers
invited well known emcees from the States to hang out and record some tracks.
No one could have known that the album that ensued would become one of the greatest and
most unknown cult classic Hip Hop mix albums of all time.
Featured on the album is one of mine and Smash le Funk's favorite emcees, Asheru.
Originally known for his work with emcee Blue Black (Of The Unspoken Heard),
Asheru has been able to stay very relevant in the Hip Hop game after dropping this track circa 2001,
and eventually becoming the voice, producer and emcee on many of the songs
featured on the Adult Swim cartoon, "Boondocks".

 Asheru and Blue Black - Soon Come

Asheru - Soul

Jazz Liberatorz Featuring Asheru - I Am Hip Hop
Clin D'Oiel - 2008

Which samples the songs
Hubert Laws - Trying to Get The Feeling Again
Sample appears 1:29, 2:36, 5:37

Hubert Laws - Trying to Get The Feeling Again, was also sampled in the same year and in the same genre, and a part of the same Hip Hop faction as the producers DELA recorded the album "Changes of Atmosphere", and specifically the song, "I say Peace" Featuring J Live.
Sample at 1:41

Now that we have made our first beat connection, let's go back to Jazz Liberatorz - I Am Hip Hop...
This is where you go back up and listen to it for a moment.

The sample for "I Am Hip Hop" is also featured in a track by one of my
favorite new Drum and Bass artists, Andrezz. He's known for working with the V Recordings label
and recently produced a track entitled, "Like The Real Thing".
 "Like The Real Thing" also uses the organ sample from Hubert Laws track:

The beautiful hook on the Andrezz track comes from someone who has been
sampled numerous times in Hip Hop and Drum and Bass history
(Remember this one?)

I digress....
Let's get back to the program.

Marvin Gaye featuring Tammi Terrell
"Aint Nothin Like the Real Thing"

Well this concludes Part 2 of the "Evolution of a Beat" series,
where UPPERHANDS dives deep into who, what, where, when and how
producers have used classic music samples in
obscure and very noticeable genres.

Special Thanks to : Gay guys who constantly and loudly say "What a Lesbo!!" a lot while listening to bad music, being back on the West Coast, ultra filtered water, making New Years cards for your friends and family 0- and they havent been mailed out yet by January 3rd, Bacardi Gold 100, Being served beer with just waaaay too much head (mis-pour masters behind the bar), Every single NFL fan all of a sudden giving a shit about the weather of a Playoff game - we've all become such sissies I tell ya.

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