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Evolution of a Beat Part 3 - Six Degrees of David Oliver

When I moved to Los Angeles, my music taste was in the middle of an enlightenment.
Probably the sixth musical enlightenment I've had in my lifetime :
1.The first time I heard the Beastie Boys. Circa 1990
2. The time I almost wore out my Sublime, 40 Oz's To Freedom CD. Circa 1994
3. The first time my father really played Pink Floyd for me and the first time I heard Wu Tang Clan : Enter the 36 Chambers and the Notorious BIG - Ready To Die and Dr Dre - The Chronic. 
Circa - 1994
4. The Rage Against The Machine / Hardcore music times. Circa 1998
5. My deep obsession for Hip Hop grows and the pursuit and studying of all that encompasses Hip Hop, ie. jazz, funk, soul, house, turntablism, rock, disco, classic r&b. Circa 2000
6. Hearing my first true Drum and Bass track that made me want to know more. Circa 2008.

My bedroom. Downtown Los Angeles. 2008.
 Atlantic Connection - "Hanging On"

Atlantic Connection - "Hanging On", samples two specific tracks:
Oddly enough here is the first.

Daniel Merriweather Featuring Marc Ronson - Shes Got Me

The main sample for the Atlantic Connection song "Hanging On" is taken from 
the Teddy Pendergrass song, "Love T.K.O."

As I started to listen to the Teddy Pendergrass song, I remembered one of my favorite
old school Hip Hop tracks, "Back In The Day" by Ahmad,. having
the same sample as the "Hanging On" track. Take a listen.

 As I researched the liner notes on the Ahmad track, I noticed that other Hip Hop artists had sampled
the Teddy Pendergrass track, like :

8Ball & MJG, "Pimps"
Side Note ... 8Ball and MJG just instantly became one of my new favorite Hip Hop duos ever.

But I also found out that one of my other favorite old school West Coast emcees, MC Eih, as
part of the Hip Hop duo Compton's Most Wanted, sampled Teddy Pendergrass on the
track entitled, ""Can I Kill It?"

Compton's Most Wanted - "Can I Kill It?"

Compton's Most Wanted - "Can I Kill It?" also pre-dates a very famous song by Ice Cube.
Listen to about 2:15 of this song, and it will all come together.
Yes, this song pre-dates Ice Cube's "Good Day". Nice stealing Ice Cube.

Now that I had taken all of this time breaking down what songs the sample was used for,
I realized that we had a heavyweight track on our hands, which left me wondering more
about this track "Love T.K.O." by Teddy Pendergrass.

This is where things get wierd.
Let's revisit the song again.

As I looked further into the archives, I noticed that Teddy Pendergrass, "Love T.K.O." is actually
a re-work of David Oliver's "Love T.K.O." from the same year of 1983.

Oddly enough, in the same year of 1983, Womack and Womack ... yes, two Womacks,
covered the track "Love T.K.O.", but renamed the track with just, "T.K.O.".

And for my final sample act on this here 3rd edition of
Evolution of A Beat : Six Degrees of David Oliver,
I present the final Hip Hop track that oddly enough samples the Womack and Womack version
of the "Love T.K.O." track :
(Will guarantee that this song is going to be your new 4:20 smoking anthem)

Ludacris - "What U Smokin On?"

Special Thanks to : Every day is a sunny day in Los Angeles.

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