Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Submerse : Genre Blender

Have you ever searched for something, couldn't find it, but were delighted to find something completely different in the process of your search? 
Enter ... Submerse.

A hybrid producer of Instrumental Hip Hop style Hyperdub infused beats and hailing from England,
Submerse is quite the new guy on campus in this new and uncharted genre of
beat making. Achieving a production feat of being able to cross genre between Hip Hop and electronic seamlessly, Submerse's beat temp and style lend themselves to always 
keeping your head nodding and your mind open. 

It has dawned on me lately that Cassette Tapes are making a comeback.
Artists and labels are working together to bring back the days when we rocked out 
a Walkman or a Boombox. What we can look forward to in the future are
a plethora of releases on Cassette form, breaking new ground in 
album design in a medium we thought was dead. 

Featured in this post is are beats ranging from Singles, Mixes and Mini Mixes 
of work from Submerse.

If you like what you hear, you can 
To listen and purchase Submerse's first full length album
Submerse - "Slow Waves"

Download and listen to the following collection of all 
that we know about the man they call ...Submerse.

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