Friday, November 16, 2012

DIRTY JAZZ - "Dirty Jazz" is all I need to hear and I am there!

Upperhands' Friday night jump off album.
It's Los Angeles, November, 2012.
It's getting cold out. May have just felt some rain drops. 
Time to put on the hoodie, roll that scroodie and chill out to some beats.

compiled and mixed by QUESTION of MELLOW ORANGE

Like the title of this post states, "Dirty Jazz is all I need to hear and I am there".

To stream the album from their website, click below:

This mix is out there for free, but you'll never see that on this site unless the artist allows it.
I'm pretty sure you can find the mix for free if you google it though.

Special Thanks to: Phil Jackson drama, Second Terms for US Presidents, Giving new episodes of "The Office" a chance for the first time because I am crushed that Michael Scott isn't on the show anymore, Having the worst fantasy basketball team, Still using a dumb phone, space heaters, Tim Tebow single - handed ruining of the 2012 New York Jets.

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