Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Video: Rick Reilly of ESPN Catches the Death Stare from Steve Young on Monday Night Football After Trying to Take Credit for Breaking Ben Roethlisberger Injury Story on Twitter

Wow, when I saw this, I thought it was the perfect representation of the massive egos that are currently running rampant at ESPN.

After the Monday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger had hurt himself and overpaid writer/now talking head, Rick Reilly (seriously, what is this putz doing on MNF??) thought he was still off camera when you can see him tell Stu Scott 'to give him credit' for breaking the Roethlisberger injury story on Twitter. Only he wasn't the first to do so. My boy, former San Francisco 49ers Hall-of-Fame QB, Steve Young serves him up the quintessential death stare for his absurd actions.

The ensuing results are priceless which you simply must check out in this video:

Once again, ESPN continues to veer dangerously close to TMZ territory.

Special Thanks: Steve Young for doing what everyone watching was thinking, Rick Reilly for being a dick, ESPN for caring more about talking heads' sensationalism than actual sports journalism, The Weeknd Trilogy album re-release, Tron:Legacy score by Daft Punk and Lenny & Larry's Lemon cookies.

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