Thursday, November 1, 2012

Frank 151 Magazine, Chapter 49: 13th Wittnes. Photo lifestyle - Period!

 The newest issue of Frank 151 magazine features the best street photographers of today and celebrates the work of one 13th Witness. 
New York City resident and world traveller 13th Witness brings the camera into so many different worlds, it's impossible to believe he doesn't have access everywhere. 
Working with some of the most iconic artists in Hip Hop history, 13thWitness brings us a face to face view of the people we love. Q-Tip, Questlove, Ricky Powell, DJ Premier and Futura are just some of the names of people he has photographed with his very expensive digital Hasselblad. But as you dive deeper into his website, you notice that is far deeper than what you originally thought he was trying to bring to your eyes.
When viewing 13thWitness' website, do yourself a favor and turn down the lights, put your web browser on full screen, grab a beer and enjoy... You'll be there a while.
Visit 13th Witness's website HERE
Buy Frank151 Chapter 49 HERE
For this issue of Frank 151, they created 3 different versions of the cover display.
I've only been able to find the Subway version, but I will keep my eyes to the streets.
For my Los Angeles friends, you can find Frank 151 for free at sporadic times in Stussy  on La Brea, Undefeated  on La Brea or on Sunset in Silverlake, Supreme on Fairfax and sometimes at Known Gallery on Fairfax.

Here is a glimpse into his site.

Questlove and DJ Premier. "We need a proper soundcheck!"

Futura in the studio.

Night shots of various cities from around the world.

Ricky Powell, "the 4th Beastie Boy"


Special Thanks to: All of my family and friends on the East Coast that are safe and sound after Hurrican Sandy ravaged my hometown that I dearly miss and love!, Guys I went to High School with that advertise electrical generators on Facebook for $800.00 in the wake of Hurrican Sandy - When I posted this on his Wall - "Preying on the weak. #AmericanCapitalism" - He got pissed off - some people just don't get it, Staying home from work to be creative, Finding Frank 151 for free in your local shop, finding Vice Magazine for free in your local shop, Realizing you have only used 15% of your potential.... progress.

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