Monday, March 11, 2013

LTJ Bukem - Atlantis the DJ Marky & S.P.Y. Rework

 Well people... You asked for it.
It seems like just yesterday that I got the chance to see LTJ Bukem and DJ Marky on the same stage,
but those days are over here in Southern California.
It has been a really long time since any of the Electronic Massives of Southern California have brought any real names to the table worth spending a weekend hanging out with 
a bunch of teenie ravers on ecstacy for the first time and are sweating all over you and smell like the drugs and fast food they ate with their ex and are now in actuality just a younger crazier version of you as a teen and you kind of respect it because they really like the music you like too... 
Don't Mind the Ravers - Damn they know how to have a good time. Quandry?

Luckily Los Angeles still has the longest running Drum and Bass night known as RESPECT.
Each week Rob Machete and the Junglist Platoon bring us bad ass DJs from around the world, with little to no teenie ravers and maybe the occasional fight, RESPECT kills it, with names like:
A-Sides, Marcus Intalex, DJ Dara, Aphrodite, S.P.Y., Calibre, AK1200, the list continues on and on!
And we love them for it.
Just recently RESPECT brought producer and DJ, S.P.Y., to bring some 
of his insane tracks, mixing abilities and some choice reworks of some classics like
LTJ Bukem's, "Atlantis".
When S.P.Y. dropped this track during his set only a month ago, I knew I was hearing something 
sweet, but I had no idea it was this good. Working along side his creative 
partner and confidant DJ Marky, S.P.Y. brings us back to the original days of 
Drum and Bass, re worked into a modern classic itself that is no doubt going to get you mooving no matter what you are doing. This track not only proves how amazing it is that Drum and Bass producers are always collaborating on some ill shit, but it also helps LTJ Bukem show the people....
That he just may be making a comeback.

 Special Thanks to: Discovering my love for Drum and Bass music in the summer of 2009, watching a child have an "a ha" moment, pinecones are seeds for pine trees, buying a ton of new music online for March's Drum and Bass mix, pieces of earth from 11,000 feet in the air, Jameson Irish Whiskcy, Miami Heat Harlem Shake video, Kobe Bryant going off the deep end and scoring insane points this season, The San Francisco 49ers making some really nice moves in the offseason, the New York Yankees payroll is as grand as the average age of players, Skullphone, Drum and Bass being accessible at all avenues because of the internet.

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