Thursday, March 21, 2013

Posterized - A look into the Top posterizings in NBA history

You be the judge.

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Mine is going to Blake Griffin. At least his was over a very tough
and big physical player. De Andre Jordan's is 2nd only because of Brandon Knight's height. 
I can't say a tie, although I would like to.
This leads me to my statement that this is why the LA Clippers will not go to nor win the NBA Finals this year. You can't win a championship with high flying forwards who can't shoot.


John Starks on Michael Jordan in the 1993 NBA E.C. Finals

Blake Griffin - Beast Mode over Kendrick Perkins 2012

Tom Chambers over Mark Jackson - With an interesting commentary by Chris Webber. Random.

DeAndre Jordan " Wikipedia R.I.P. 'ing" Brandon Knight - 2013

Vince Carter 1 - Over Alonzo Mourning

Vince Carter 2 - Over Fred Weis

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