Friday, September 7, 2012

MF Doom Special Herbs Volumes 1-10

I dedicate my weekend music selection to the man in the mask,
MF Doom : Special Herbs Volumes 1- 10

72 track instrumental compilation that represents all of MF Doom's production from his earliest releases "Operation Doomsday", "MM Food", "Viktor Vaughn" and his work with MF Grimm. 
Even though I would much rather hear him spitting over these tracks,
you could definitely appreciate Dumile behind the boards.

Also noted in the series is the artwork portraying the MF Doom character. Originally altered 
from the Fantastic Four comic books, the Victor Von Doom character is portrayed in 
a Roy Lichtenstein layout featuring word bubbles to aid the narrative.
As the series move on into Volumes 7 and 8, I do feel there is a bit of a drop off of 
the comic book quality of the earlier editions. 

Special Thanks To: Obama speeches, Kale Juices, Fantasy Drafts, Burning Man Wedding Proposals, Jneiro Jarel and MF Doom - JJ DOOM "Key To The Kuffs" album (sick), The "Gov'Nor" video by MF Doom - Nice to see someone is still doing hip hop videos right, Art Modell, Baseball Slumps, 
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and John Clayton's "This is Sportscenter" commercial.

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