Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flying Lotus is out of his mind. In a good way: The Captain Murphy Mixtape - FREE DL

As if Flying Lotus wasn't already creatively out of his mind, he has yet again baffled me 
on what planet he resides from, because it's not Earth. 
Laying down a "Madlib Medicine Show-esque" mix album is no easy job, 
but Flying Lotus nails it and goes a little bit deeper than Madlib: 
An accompanying video for the entire album.

"Captain Murphy" still masked on some MF Doom ish.

Flying Lotus from under the covered veil.
Nice gold cape.

Under the moniker Captain Murphy, Flying Lotus finally reveals to the world that 
he's been rapping all along. Featured as Captain Murphy on some of his previous releases,
Flying Lotus has the flow of Guilty Simpson, matched with the boasting of 
Beanie Siegel. Guaranteed to make you nod your head til your fitted hat 
falls off are the dirty dusty old breaks that Flying Lotus remixes. 
Anyone who knows hip hop on a higher level will recognize some of the 
classics samples that have blessed songs like De La Soul's, "Pony Ride" track,
 that re-works "High on Sunshine" by the Commodores.

Guaranteed to flip the script is the video that accompanies the mixtape. 
I don't want to give the whole thing away, so I will keep this breif.
You remember in the 90's when that bald dude created a cult, got a whole grip of 
people to believe that the world was coming to an end, then finally convinced them to  
taste the death drink?
The theme of the accompanying video to Captain Murphy contains multiple clips from the video
the cult leader made and distributed to the press upon his death. 
Or was it his final enlightenment?

To stream the video and mix together from Flying Lotus' site, Captain Murphy XXX
To donwload the  Instrumental mix in .mp3 form to your iTunes,  Strictlybeats.blogspot
For every other form you're going to have to get it yourself, 
it's out there, but you didn't hear it from me.

Special Thanks to: The Art of Flight Snowboarding series on Netflix, Flying Lotus, addictions to computers.

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