Monday, December 3, 2012

Music Mondays: Massive Attack's 3D Puts Together Very Special Free Mixtape To Honor The Late Singer Terry Callier

Massive Attack have long been considered electronic dance music pioneers and one of our favorite groups. They recently re-released a special remastered version of their seminal debut album, "Blue Lines" earlier this month, and now, after the sad passing of legendary folk/soul singer, Terry Callier, founding Massive Attack member, 3D has put together this very special free mixtape stemming from their recording sessions in 2005. The results were the standout track, "Live With Me" from Massive Attack's greatest hits album, "Collection" and some additional collaborations on Callier's last album, "Hidden Conversations."

Fans will love hearing how 3D took some of the studio outtakes, stripped them down and spliced in some very candid moments with Callier in the studio. You can hear just how warm his voice still sounded.

Take a listen to the Windmill Sessions below:

Here's the video for the much different version of "Live With Me" that was featured on Massive Attack's excellent "Collection" album:

Special Thanks: Terry Callier who will never be forgotten, Massive Attack, Rainy Day Music, Blue Lines Remastered album sounding better than ever, Big laughs at the Ad-Rock Variety show at Largo, Random Movement podcasts and quinoa.

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