Saturday, December 1, 2012

KICKS #5 - Patrick Ewing 33 His

Patrick Ewing #33 Hi (Re Release)
Retail Price: Approx. $150.00

Ten Things I remember and love about Patrick Ewing:
10. Unfortunately playing in the Eastern Conference during the Jordan era and 
always losing to the Bulls.
9. Unfortunately the 2 years Jordan took off, losing to the Houston Rockets
in the closest chance the New York Knicks would have to win a championship in 20 years
8. Controversial Drat Lottery of 1986... the Knicks envelope was cold from what I hear.
7. Getting beat in the 1982 and 1985 NCAA championships by Michael Jordan's UNC Tar Heels,
then one of the biggest upsets in NCAA history to Villanova in 1985.
6. Being a part of one of the roughest basketball teams in history 
(John Starks, Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason)
5. Patrick Ewing's knee pads
4. Scolding John Starks in the NBA Playoffs against the Indiana Pacers for 
letting Reggie Miller get under his skin.
3. Jalen Rose's awesome story about stealing Patrick Ewing's portable television from the airport
2. Patrick Ewing sweating all over the court during free throws.
1. His innate ability to go into beast mode!

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