Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jigmastas - "Infectious" - DJ Spinna

This is for the real heads. 
DJ Spinna.
MC Kriminul.
Featuring Mos Def, Apani B Fly Emcee, Eminem

Jigmastas - "Elevate"

Back in the early 2000's there was this Hip-Hop record store in my home town. It was run by a local cat whose father had mad dough, so he bought his son a business and the dude killed it for years. 
This place was my second home for a long time. Unfortunately I was young and not as socially open as I am now, so hanging out with these Hip Hop dudes was not happening. I did however spend many nights watching ill performances by some of my favorite all time MC's and spent hundreds of dollars on vinyl in his spot. You're welcome Ed from The Cop Shop! 
Thank you too, of course.
Where was I...oh yeah, records. 
I used to BS with Ed about Hip Hop and would feel him out on certain albums I knew nothing about and would also rap with him about the music that everyone knew was A+ at that time. 
I once asked him what his favorite Hip Hop was at the time and he wouldn't stop referring to the Jigmastas.
Around this time DJ Spinna had just come out with the mixtape, "Beyond Real Experience",
featuring artists like Guru from Gangstarr. 
Not taking Ed's words for real, I moved on from it and never heard about them again. Or did I?
Fast forward to 2010 and I am working for the beloved Sinning In LA web magazine doing event photography in the heart of Los Angeles. Along with some very understanding members of the staff and my own personal hustling, I was able to set up an in depth interview with DJ Spinna in his Brooklyn recording studio.
Just like the good old days at The Cop Shop, I had finally gathered up enough balls to talk to the real Hip Hop heads. I rapped with DJ Spinna, a true legend in music and Hip Hop about the old, the present and the future. 
We discussed everything from his roots in House music, the influence of Disco on House music, his fascination with Michael Jackson, crate digging habits and the just recent passing of Guru from Gangstarr.

Here is 1 of the 9 clips from my interview with him.  

Although the Jigmastas did not pan out nearly as long as DJ Spinna's career has, they are one of a group of artists who kept it real and we salute them for it.

Special Thanks to: DJ Spinna, BBE, DJ Spinna "Here to There", DJ Spinna's massive record collection, The Cop Shop, Underground Hip Hop, Jigmastas, Possible new Jigmastas album coming out soon according to DJ Spinna, my future post with some select film photos I took of DJ Spinna in the past few years.

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