Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vintage Beats 1999-2003: New DJ CAM Album Out 11/5/12

We at Upperhands have been BIG fans of Paris-born and currently LA-based DJ CAM since the 90's as his beautiful fusion of crisp hip-hop beats and sublime jazz licks always makes for a cinematic soundtrack.

Now DJ CAM is putting out a proper retrospective and the time is certainly right, with peer DJ Shadow recently releasing a greatest hits album of his own, 'Reconstructed.' These pioneers of the 'trip-hop' genre have certainly evolved their sound over the years, but it's in revisiting their back catalog that you realize just how ahead of the times these artists were (and still remain).

'Vintage Beats 1999-2003' will be coming on on CAM's own Inflammable Records on 11/5 but you can check out the cover art below. Also, for you vinyl heads - there's a strict limited number of 500.

Special Thanks: DJ CAM for staying true to his roots, playoff baseball being nearly upon us, big fantasy football wins, Mr. Joseph, scorching LA October heatwave, good friends and big bass.

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