Monday, October 1, 2012

Kicks #4 - Nike Sb Dunk High - Twin Peaks Edition

Whether or not you are familiar with who FBI Agent Dale Cooper is, 
the slightest idea who killed Laura Palmer, or are aware that the "Owls are not as they seem", 
these kicks are still one of my favorites of all time.
In the same field as the MF Doom Dunk Highs and the De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising Dunk Highs, these kicks represent the rarest of issues and complete homage to some of the 
greatest forms of entertainment of all time. 
For anyone reading this now, if you have a Netflix account, you should add Twin Peaks to your Instant Queue now. You will fall in love with the narrative, the mystery, the laughs the suspense and the down right gangster violence that was unheard of at that time (1990).
Nike has taken various important elements and subjects from the show's cinematography, storylines and opening credits. 

Here is how it all breaks down:

 Featured in this shoe are multiple references to the classic TV show "Twin Peaks".

1. Neon Green Laces to mimic the opening credits to Twin Peaks show. By far the weirdest opening to a show you will ever see, yet brilliant at the same time.

2. Blue Owl print on the ankle. 
As FBI Agent Dale Cooper is trying to solve the mystery of  "who killed Laura Palmer", he begins to realize that there are strong forces working for and against him. 
He is notified by a giant during a vivid dream that, "The Owls Are not As They Seem".
The owl actually represents far more than that, but if I told you, I would be ruining something for you. Just go watch the damn show!

3. Red Silk Curtains and Zig Zag Floor print on inner sole.
This is pretty on point here and I salute NIKE. 
Recreating the red silk curtains that Dale Cooper sees in many of his dreams
and upon his journey to the dark side, he encounters a wicked place with zig zag floors.


Interior of the Dark Side. 

Definitely on my list of pairs of NIKE shoes that you own, but you don't wear. Ever.
 Retail Price on eBay: Aproximately $250.00
A classic!

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