Monday, October 22, 2012

Vice Magazine - - Epicly Later'd - Skateboarding Addicts

Patrick O'Dell - Epicly Later'd's Producer

Whether you are a fan of Vice Magazine, skateboarding, edgy journalism or all three, 
you will definitely enjoy Vice Magazine's video offspring. 
Served in major cities around the world's high - end hip -hop clothing shops, Vice Magazine is by far the greatest free publication of all time. Filled with groundbreaking photography, writing and journalists who do not know the meaning of holding back for a story, Vice Magazine has long been a staple in the print world since 1994.
With the advent of Youtube and Vimeo being on every website under the sun, Vice Magazine along with director Spike Jonze sought out to create the digital video equivalent to their magazine and they have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. creates a virtual magazine for subjects like:
Human Rights issues
the Vice Guide to Travel
Current Events
Obscure visions into the rest of the world
Important Artists who are changing the world
Modern Science

Patrick O'dell is the genius behind some of the most in depth and current biographies on some of the greatest skateboarders of the past, present and future. 
Chock full of videos representing skateboarding from around the entire world,
Epicly Later'd is the foremost place for all that is skateboarding and documentary. 
Ryan O'dell gains such inside access to the skateboard scene that it is almost 
as if he is a pro skater himself... even if he's just a video nerd who loves skating.

Here's a screen shot of the video interface on's Epicly Later'd page.

Below the video screen is a plethora of videos to keep you rollin' on the concrete and grinding those rails for days.

Special thanks to: After Hours Promoters who don't know the meaning of friendship, the internet, Tom Coughlin, insanely tight Presidential election, Bill Maher putting my entire life into perspective, children who inspire me to be better at what I do, taking a dump while on the phone, learning how to change host files in Mac OSX (Don't ask).

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