Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kicks #5 - Converse "Missoni"

 Welcome back to another edition of Kicks. 
In issue #5 we examine some of the finest Converse I have ever seen.
Personally I can't stand Converse shoes. They look awesome with any pair of pants, 
but in my old age, they are damn near a nightmare for my back and my hips unless I have insoles that are 3 inches thick. The Converse All Star have no support and the thinnest sole ever. Period.
For these kicks, I would risk all the medical issues for. 
The Converse All Star "Missoni" is a style that has been with Converse for a few years now.
Every few months or so, they release another limited edition shoe that is unlike any other pair of crappy All Stars. 
Of the six seasons Missoni has been working with Converse, the two brands' newest partnership may have yielded their most exciting products yet. Twenty deadstock fabrics from the Missoni archives have been applied to Converse's iconic Pro Leather and Auckland Racer shoe designs.
No need to go any further on this one... simply FRESH!
Retail Price: $250.00, ha.
 Good luck wearing these on the East Coast and not destroying 
them the day you forgot it was going to rain.

Special Thanks to: Earthquake drills, Beer that is over 7.5% alcohol, Aardvarks Co-Op, Dwight Howard + Steve Nash + Kobe Bryant = The 3 Amigos, Los Angeles' summer 2012 is finally over, Denying you're a racist when you are part of the middle class and vote for Mitt Romney, Jneiro Jarel, Intelligent Manners, Making fun of guys I went to High School with that are now Pop Rap DJ's in Orange County because they purchase and play anything from 2 Chainz seriously, the 2012 New York Yankees 1 upping the Boston Red Sox on worst meltdown in baseball history, Tickets to Heat versus Lakers in January 2013 already costing over $250 each, Ryan Simoneau's San francisco Giants making it to the World Series... Go Get those F-ing Tigers for me!

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