Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Sounds of Summer: Almunia Releases Second Album "Pulsar" and Offers New Mix as Free Download

What do you get when you combine cosmic disco, psychedelic guitar solos and beautifully layered soundscapes? That would be the sound of Almunia's sublime second album, "Pulsar," which just came out on Claremont 56. Leo Almunia has been kind enough to put together a "Pulsar Live Mix" on his SoundCloud page, where he puts together some of the album's best tracks and combines them with like-minded artists such as Alucidnation to create the perfect summertime mix.

Listen and download Almunia's "Pulsar Live Mix" below:

Almunia- Views from a blue train
Almunia - Pulsar
The Project Club - El Mar y la luna
Alucidnation - 16 Below
Sorcerer-Universal vision Dub
Almunia-Ode to mom
Good day today-Diskjokke remix
Jose Gonzalez - Killing for love (Todd Terje remix)
Eddie C -Every life under the invisible hands
Todd Terje - Ragysh
Fernando - First words
Almunia - Ekova
Almunia - Secret marriage

Special Thanks: Leo Almunia for making this kind of music, Claremont 56 for putting out this kind of music, warm weather, beach days and cosmic disco nights

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