Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DMC DJ Champions - 2012 - 2007 - Championship Routines (PART ONE)

The DMC Championship has showcased the finest in DJing and Turntablism since the mid 1980's.
DJ's spend countless hours in their basements, bedrooms or studios practicing a roughly 5 minute routine that includes heavy scratching, beat juggling and most likely some insane body trick that no one thought anyone could do. 
Each year someone does something that is unheard of, that surpasses the winner from the year before and helps advance the sport into bigger and better DJ worlds. 
This is a synopsis of the 2012 to 2007 Championship routines from the 
DMC World Championship competition. 

DJ Izoh - 2012 Champion

DJ Vajra - 2011 Champion

DJ Ligone - 2010 Champion

DJ Shiftee - 2009 Champion

DJ Fly - 2008

DJ Rafik - 2007

Part Two Up Next!

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