Saturday, June 29, 2013

KICKS #6 : NIKE Barkley Posite Max "Suns"

For those of you out there who might have forgot that Charles Barkley had one of the most
dominant post games of all time, this post is for you.
Over the past few years, Charles and his hilarious quotes, outlooks and observations about basketball have helped make quite a name for himself on NBA on TNT.
But long ago, Sir Charles had some other powerful words for all of us haters out there:
I am not a role model.
In honor of the famous commercial that made us all wonder "what the hell is Chuck talking about",
here it is in all of it's glory.
Fast forward to 2013.
NIKE and their insane design team have been re-releasing and recreating some amazing
shoes that no one in their right mind would ever play ball in, but would definitely
turn the sneaker heads out there.
Enter the NIKE Barkley Posite Max "Suns" Edition.
Real recognize real. Enjoy.



Special thanks to: Charles Barkley's huge ass down on the block that would knock any huge NBA player out of the way, Charles Barkley's gambling problems, Charles Barkley telling us all "anything less, would be uncivilized", Every time Charles Barkley calls someone a knucklehead or says that something is "terrible", Charles Barkley's amazing ability to make us laugh during the NBA season, Sir Charles, Chuck, CB... Respect. 

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