Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Moda Black Volume 2 : Mixed by Jaymo & Andy George

UPPERHANDS House pick of the week:
Moda Black Volume 2 : Mixed by Jaymo & Andy George

Moda Black has firmly established itself as one of the UK's most exciting record labels for forward-thinking electronic music. Headed by Jaymo & Andy George, and boasting an artist stable that ranges from internationally recognised names such as Hot Since 82 and Maxxi Soundsystem, through to breaking talents such as Hauswerks and Celsius. The label draws influences from the worldwide sounds of house and techno whilst maintaining a unique composition that focuses on high quality productions and innovative ideas. 
In Spring 2011 the debut Moda Black album was released. Comprising of thirteen entirely original pieces of music, written by the label's artists and extended-family and mixed together by Jaymo & Andy George. Moda Black Vol.1 received widespread acclaim from DJ's and music fans alike and went on to be awarded iTunes Dance Album of the Year in December 2012.
Here now we have Moda Black Volume 2 and I'm proud to say it's the bomb. My beautiful and talented 
                              girlfriend schooled me on this mix and I just had to get out to you all.

Below you you will find Moda Black's Soundcloud link to stream and listen to the whole album
A link to the Moda Black website
and a photographic set of all the EPs that they created to honor this album.

Special Thanks To: Getting schooled on new music. 

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