Monday, July 1, 2013

In Session: LTJ Bukem Releases First Album in 8 Years and Promises His Good Looking Records Will Put Out an Album A Month

For far too long we have gone without new music from the original drum & bass don, LTJ Bukem. His solo mixes and Good Looking Records imprint became the stuff of legend, but in the mid 2000's, he decided to take a well-deserved hiatus. Now over eight years since his last release, he's just put out the instant classic, "In Session," mix album, which features stellar tracks on the revived Good Looking Records.

What's more, in doing a little digging, we came across a candid new interview on the Drum & Bass Arena Blog and it was this particular quote from LTJ Bukem himself that really got us excited about what's next:

“It’s great to have fun with the digital format and give fans more for their money,” he explains. “We’re planning to do an album every month. It starts with Bukem In Session this month. Then in July there’s Collectivism with different artists collaborating with each other. In August we’ve got a Makoto producer album coming out as part of the Producer Series we started a few years ago. In September we’ve got a new series called Resistance with a track from each country from different artists from around the world. We’re also working on a jazz-influenced drum & bass concept named Jazzin. Each month as well as the album there’ll be a variety of digital and physical releases, including vinyl only releases.

So there you have it...not only is LTJ Bukem back...he's fully recharged and ready to introduce a whole new generation to his signature brand of liquid drum & bass music.

Here's a little taste of Mr. Bukem's Top 10 Tunes for June 2013:

Special Thanks: To the long-awaited return of LTJ Bukem and Good Looking Records...often imitated, but never duplicated

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