Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Upperhands Kickin Flava In Ya Ear : P-Money - Gratitude

P-Money - Gratitude

Who said dudes form New Zealand don't have swag?
All I know is they've got great mussels, real kiwis and the Oklahoma City Thunder just
drafted a native of the down under region Steven Adams, 
rocking his flag on the inner lining at 2013 NBA draft.

Despite popular understanding of P-Money's production history, "Gratitude" is actually his fourth 
full length album. A Hip Hop and Electronic producer extraordinaire, P- Money 
became most well knownin New Zealand in 2004 and '05 when he and his Hip Hop homey Scribe collaborated to create the album "Magic City" which featured Hip Hop 
singles that made it to #1 on the New Zealand singles chart.
Never truly leaving his Hip Hop roots, P-Money has now relocated to an American city 
near you known as New York. With his first official move to NY and his first official American release, P-Money has teamed up with famed Hip Hop record label Duck Down Records.
Duck Down Records is better known for being home to the Boot Camp Clik who are 
responsible for some of the best old school blunted Hip Hop of all time.

Don't expect blunted Hip Hop on this release though.

"Gratitude" pays homage to many different elements of Hip Hop, the fast paced 90's style beat,
the laid back smooth beat, turntable scratching and a ton of emcees.
Featuring artists like Talib kweli, Freddie Gibbs, M.O.P., Pac Div and a parting 
shot verse that basically says "Fuck the game" from Duck Down's very own
Buckshot, "Gratitude" brings a duffle bag of dough to the table.

Special Thanks to : White wine, Broken pocket watches, the sun, salt licks, my tripod and my bike.

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