Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Urban Archaeology: Famed Designer Ben Drury Picks His 10 Best Mo'Wax Record Sleeves

One of the most influential record labels of the 90's is without a doubt, Mo'Wax. Started by James Lavelle, this seminal label gave us DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, UNKLE along with some of the best compilations and recored sleeves we've ever seen. The main Mo'Wax designer was Ben Drury, who did most of the famed album sleeves and teamed with Lavelle to also feature street artists like Futura.

Now as Mo'Wax celebrates over 20 years with a proper retrospective art show (thanks to Kickstarter), Drury looks back with The Vinyl Factory at 10 of his all-time favorite record sleeves from the Mo'Wax era.

Here's a few of our favorites from the story:

Sam Sever And The Raiders Of The Lost Art
What’s That Sound?

Money Mark
Mark’s Keyboard Repair

DJ Krush

DJ Shadow

Various Artists
Headz 2

Psyence Fiction (Promotional Package. Contains 12″ in pop-up gatefold sleeve, 5″ record, promo CD, sticker pack)

Special Thanks: Mo'Wax for changing my life, James Lavelle, Ben Drury, The Vinyl Factory, DJ Shadow, Colin Kaepernick defying stereotypes and Lightning in a Bottle 2013

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