Friday, July 26, 2013

Upperhands Feng Shui : Vinyl Clockwork

I've been making art on vinyl records for the past few months and I just realized
that my work is far inferior on technical level than this style of design. 
Wait a second, I think I'm giving a little too much credit to a laser 
and a computer, but I do respect this work of art and think it would 
look dope in my crib and yours. 
Head over to Vinyl Clockwork's Etsy page and pick one up yourself, 
they're only $25, which is very reasonable for the careful cuts of 
Vinyl Clockwork's pieces.

 Vinyl Clockwork's Etsy page ... Click Here

Special Thanks to : Forefathers of methods to listening to music... vinyl records, turntables and diamond needles tearing into the groove to keep humans sane for over 75 years.

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