Wednesday, January 23, 2013

O.G. New York Graffiti Artist SEEN Tags the Hollywood Sign

Yes my friends, that is graffiti on one of America's lamest tourist attractions next to 
Las Vegas.
In the mid 1980s, Bronx, New York graffiti artist SEEN traveled across the country to 
tag a very easy target, the Hollywood Sign.
At the time, the Hollywood Sign was not as heavily guarded as it is now,
but we'll get to that later, let's try and understand how SEEN had this much time 
to rip a historic end to end burner.
No cameras. Probably no lights. No Government protection of state land.
No helicopters with heat seaking monitors, and no constantly streaming security.
You can not get within 200 feet of it now.
I feel as if this piece goes somewhat unnoticed in the big picture of graffiti history.
Not only because of where it was done, but it's size.
I have no idea how that is humanly possible to bring that much spray paint up 
there and complete a piece of this magnitude.

But more recently the Hollywood Sign has seen some graffiti action.
A few years ago, during the height of popularity for filmmaker, artist and documentarian,
Mr. Brainwash, a little excursion with the artists Space Invader, proved 
to be a treacherous and not so smart idea.
In this video, you will witness supreme "balls".
I don't care how much you think you are the shit and 
no one could hold weight on you...
but I know you don't have balls to do this.


Special thanks to: Anyone out there who has ever in their life, anywhere done anything that remotely resembles graffiti.

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  1. Great post on a significant historical event. Big Up SEEN, seen? ONE LOVE