Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Motor City Drum Ensemble: The Hidden Beats That Will Change Your Life. Part 1

The Hidden Beats That Will Change Your Life.
 Rarely do I tell my close friends that before I play them a song for the first time,
I preface by saying, "It will change your life".
To clarify that statement; YOU determine the rate of change 
and for how long it will change your life. 
It is not a blanket statement that covers your whole life... but sometimes songs can do that.

Motor City Drum Ensemble is one of the most elusive House Producer and DJ in the world.
Hailing from Eastern Europe, Motor City Drum Enxemble is a young, up and coming producer genius, who's music has changed my life many times over. 
He is one of the truest Deep House producers who 
pays tribute to the original roots of Detroit House by bearing it's name (Motor City)
 and with his beat style. Combining the up-beat 70's and 80's disco style along with a popping blend of Chicago and Deep House beat, Motor City Drum Ensemble will almost always get your butt moving whether you're sitting down or just getting up to get down.

We here at Upperhands have been mildly obsessed with Motor City Drum Ensemble since his 
"Raw Cuts Volumes" came out in 2010 
and you can not find fault with his "DJ Kicks: Motor City Drum Ensemble" 
mix which was released in 2011, and we feel you should 
become mildly obsessed too by checking out all that Motor City Drum Ensemble has to offer.

This post is being put together to celebrate the new wave of production and remixes from 
Motor City Drum Ensemble. All tracks below were released in 2012 and 2013.
All tracks can be purchased on either Beatport, iTunes or Amazon.

Gameday Bucket Go Boom.
Enjoy mi amigos.


Special Thanks to:  "Sonning" Ryan Simoneau with this blog post by blowing his mind he had no idea most of these tracks have been released, Real Time With Bill Maher is back on the air, The Office's last season, puppies, Vice Magazine and Frank 151 magazine, York Peppermint Patties, Frozen yogurt, helping children discover artistic talents they never knew they had.

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