Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bold Prediction: Daft Punk WILL Tour in 2013

Despite a lot of back and forth this week over whether or not iconic electronic music producers, Daft Punk will be embarking on a tour in 2013...we aren't fooled by the smoke and mirrors and firmly believe they will be hitting the road - at least for a handful of appearences. When you consider that they will definitely have a new album out this year, you can be certain the band will want to announce their comeback in a big way. While Coachella is the usual hot-tipped choice for the USA, (which would make sense for the cultural impact of the new album), don't count out a full-blown tour towards the end of the year.

These guys only do things big and this image says it all:

Special Thanks: Daft Punk, The Sound of the Cosmos, Cinematic Orchestra, Quakers album, 49ers Vs Green Bay NFL Playoff Showdown Looming

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