Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bulb "Into The Deep" Podcast - by Vladimir

BULB - "Into The Deep" Podcast

While becoming mildly obsessed DFRNT's "Insight" Podcast, I began to 
research some other picks by the Apple community and came across 
the Bulb "Into The Deep" Podcast. 
Mixed by DJ Vladimir from Russia, Bulb "Into the Deep" goes deep into 
many different genres of electronic music. 
His mixes normally start with dome deep techno, then molding into deep house, then some deep minimal Drum and Bass, then finally capping the mix off with 
Deep Dubstep and Deep Drum and Bass. 
It's DEEP.

Bulb's "Into the Deep" Podcast is in it's 18th edition. 
Please check the other mixes by Subscribing to the "Into The Deep" Podcast on iTunes

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